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Guitar Player in Falmouth area?????

Hi ladies! I am wondering if anyone knows or can suggest to me someone that plays the guitar? We are getting married on the beach in Falmouth on October 10th, I am looking to have some accoustic music playing as the guests arrive/depart from our ceremony and a little something for me to walk down the aisle to. Nothing fancy I'm not looking for any particular songs just some back ground music more or less. It would be for about an hour total. THANKS!! :]

Re: Guitar Player in Falmouth area?????

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    you should check out  We found our ceremony/cocktail hour musicians from this website.  You put in all the details of what you need (including price) and it searches musicians for you.Good luck!
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    Hi there...  I am a Cape DJ - my son, who's 21 and a student at BU, plays classical guitar, and is looking to break into the business doing cocktail hours and eventually, ceremonies.  He would charge a very reasonable amount to play for an hour, and would love to get a little experience and some recommendations.  If you're willing to go with someone who's not well-seasoned yet, but very talented - let me know, and I'll send you an mp3 of him playing.  He may need some time to learn your processional song - but he's talented!  Touch base if you haven't found someone yet at [email protected]  Good luck with your wedding - have a wonderful day!
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