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wedding gaps

Is anyone having a problem with church and reception gaps, if so, what do you have planned

Re: wedding gaps

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    I'm struggling with this as well. My wedding isn't til next year so I'm still figuring things out. At this point my plan is to include a card with the programs at the ceremony that lists a few local attractions -- shopping, touristy places to walk, etc. along with directions to each from the Church and from each to the reception. I need to do a little more research on what's available close by..I'm hoping maybe there's a mini golf place or something else fun. I have a feeling most of my friends will find the closest bar..hopefully they'll still be standing by the time the reception begins!! lolI'm also planning to get a school bus to shuttle guests from the hotel to the reception, so some of the time will get eaten up with their commute, although not much. I'd love to hear other knotties ideas too! GL-Liz
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    How many hours is the gap between the ceremony and reception? Mine is going to be about 1-1.5 hours. My ceremony is in Orleans, and so I'm suggesting that guests take the scenic route back to Harwich, which kills about 25 minutes or so. We're also planning to have a shuttle provided for guests at their hotels/inns to the cocktail hour, so that should shave some time off as well. Not sure if that helps at all, but just a few suggestions. I also like the idea of providing local activities in the programs too if you have that much time in between.
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    mine is going to be about 2 hours. And just from experience, especially recently with weddings I have been to, that time really goes by fast. By the time people get back to their rooms, freshen up, change or whatever, its almost time for the cocktails. If there is a bar then young people will go there or congregate in a room. But to be safe, you can plan something local to do like a tour of the area or something.
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    I really recommend not having a gap if you can swing it. People mostly tend to go some one and start drinking and then show up to your reception half in the bag.Sucessful gap activities I have seen include bocce tournament on the lawn of the hotel, beach picnic with light food (fruit), and tour of a mansion in Newport.One time my friends and I stopped at casino for a few hours.
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