Massachusetts-Cape Cod

Beaches/hotels/ restaurants in Cape Cod.

nice beaches for a ceremony,nice hotel's close by for lodging,and a nice restaurant for a intimate reception.not to far in, like not all the way to province town,barnstable area the farthest.

Re: Beaches/hotels/ restaurants in Cape Cod.

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    How about the Seacrest in North Falmouth? It is on the beach where you can have a ceremony, its a hotel and has a restaurent. HTH, GL
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    Is Yarmouth too far in?  I'm having my ceremony at the Surf & Sand Motel in S. Yarmouth, and my reception at their restaurant, Skippy's Pier 1, which is about a mile away and on a Marina.  The hotel has a beautiful lawn area just before the sand dunes overlooking the beach/ocean, and a small private beach (if you are having a small wedding, you could get away with having the ceremony on the beach).  Also if it is small, you could get away with having a tented reception at the hotel, otherwise the restaurant is great.  They will close it for you, but they have guest minimums because it is a good size restaurant.  Definitely worth looking in to.  They do not advertise anywhere that they do weddings, which also keeps the cost down quite a bit.www.surfandsandmotel.comHTH
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