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Massachusetts-Cape Cod

Joe Mikos Photography

I'm debating between a couple photographers and I'd love to get some opinions on anyone who's worked with Joe Mikos. He seems like a great guy and his photos are amazing - but I'm wondering if he's worth the investment ($6500 for 8 hrs)...Please please please let me know!! Thanks!

Re: Joe Mikos Photography

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    His online proofs look incredible, but honestly $6,500 is a bit high. I am using Chris Cook Photography and he has the same photojournalist approach. For 8hours, album and all that good stuff I am only paying $4K. However, If you are willing to look in that range I would check out Bello Photo (bellophoto.net) too. If you call Chris or Bello, please tell him Jen sent you!
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    Hi Jen,I also considered Bello - they are about the same price as Joe Mikos.  It is a lot, I'm just wondering if it's worth it - I love both Joe & Bello's photos - especially since they are capturing the type of beach wedding I'm envisioning.  My fiance's uncle is a wedding photographer, however I've chosen not to use him (I don't like his style and I want him to be able to enjoy the wedding), but we are able to get our albums at cost, so I'm really looking for a photographer who will give me the high res negatives and rights to reproduce them (which Bello wont).  Anyways, just curious if anyone's heard of him/used him.Thanks!
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    Yes yes yes!  He's definitely worth the money (although I am slightly biased because we used his company.)  We actually worked with Kristen for both our engagement session and for our wedding, not Joe, but I cannot recommend this company more.  The other thing to consider is that you can customize your package to make it cheaper if need be.  The only call out I want to make (that I didn't realize at the time) is that, while the CD of your negs is relatively cheap compared to other photographers (only $500), the images are literally straight out of the camera...so they have not been photoshopped or edited at all.  If you have a resource who can do that for you, then great...but it is definitely something I wish I had been aware of before we bought the CD.
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    ekcape- I'm looking at his 8 hour package with a dvd of digital images - and it's around $6500 (my fiance's uncle is a wedding photographer (whose style I don't particularly like), so he can make our album for us. What type of package did you chose? How did the unedited pics look? I'm trying to get a feel for one of their actual weddings, rather than just their portfolio. I'm glad I found someone who used them!
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    my friend was a wedding planner on the vineyard and told me he was one of the best to work with. she did say he was pricey but worth the money. she suggested asking if one of the people that works for him might be avaialable as they are still great but might be a cheaper option. fyi.
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    Thanks, ladies.  ekcape - does he only do postprocessing when you order an album??  I know how to use photoshop, but I'm certainly not an expert and wouldn't want to leave it entirely in my own hands....hmmm
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    Carabelle,I looked at Joe Mikos but in the end I went with Randi Baird. She really knew our location and the romantic, personal feel we wanted for the day. We wanted intimacy more than grand photojournalistic shots and we could not have been happier. PIB below if you want to take a peek.
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