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Farewell Brunch - Chatham

Hi ladies!I'm hoping you can help me brainstorm on a place to host a farewell brunch in Chatham.  I've been in touch with the Wayside Inn, but I'd love to have some other options as well.  It's also important to keep the cost down as much as possible.Thanks!

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    How many people? I can't think of anywhere that routinely does brunch in town, but especially for a small group I'd imagine I could come up with an idea or two. Off the top of my head Brax in Harwich and the Old Jailhouse Tavern in Orleans both do buffet style brunches, but I don't know if they do them for private functions. Chatham Bars does brunch, but it's not very good.
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    Thanks!  I'm preferably looking for something buffet style, where people can come and go as they please.  We'd like to be able to invite everyone from the wedding (approx 150-200), knowing that not everyone will come.  I wouldn't mind having it at a restaurant on Main Street in Chatham, if there is one that can accommodate a group that size.
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    Hi Carabelle! We got married at CBI, and held our farewell brunch there the next day.  I believe we had it in the Harborview Room in the main building.  It was full buffet.  Good luck!
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