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Feedback, Please.... Cape Codder Resort?

Has anyone been to or had their wedding at the Cape Codder in Hyannis? We're going to check it out this weekend, but would love to know anything that folks would like to share about their experience there. Has anyone done their beach wedding? Service at the hotel? Reception? Food? Menus? Anything you wouldnt mind sharing would be great!

Re: Feedback, Please.... Cape Codder Resort?

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    Is this the same as the Cape Cod Resort and Conference Center, or is it some place else?
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    Different than that one - this is the link. Anyone? Anyone?
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    When you say beach wedding, do they offer a wedding on the beach?  Because if it is the same place I am thinking about ( on 132 in Hyannis), they aren't exactly on the beach, and its a good 10 minute drive to get to any beach they could use.Haven't used them or been to any functions there though, so sorry I can't be more help.  If it is the same place, its right in the middle of the busy part of hyannis (<.5 mile from the CC mall).
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    They do offer a beach wedding - and it is the one you're thinking of. It isnt on the water. Im going to be checking it out in a couple weeks to get more refined details, but they will coordinate a beach wedding for you by securing all permits, doing the setup, and offering a 42-passenger shuttle to get back and forth to the ceremony. They also offer weddings on-site. All in all the whole thing sounds good via internet research and talking to the coordinator there. However, I'll always seek out the feedback and wait until I see it with my own eyes before committing to anything!
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    I am going to a reception at the Cape Codder October 17th.  I'll let you know how it goes.  I've been talking to the bride a lot about wedding stuff.  Our date is also October 17th but of next year.  She is also my fiance's boss' fiance.  =)
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