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Ceremony ideas (other than church)

I'm getting married September 8th, 2012. The reception is going to be at my parents' house in Yarmouth Port. We are having trouble finding an available church, so we are trying to find an alternative ceremony spot. The ceremony will probably be about 15 minutes. Does anyone know of a place (beach, marina, park, etc.) in the Hyannis / South/West Yarmouth area that would work? Are there any known restrictions? Thanks!

Re: Ceremony ideas (other than church)

  • You can get a beach permit, but it would not be a private occasion.  Your best bet is to just start calling around, as that is an extremely popular weekend for weddings.
    Any reason you cannot have the ceremony at your parents' place?
  • Thanks! We could have it at my parents' place, but it might have to be in the front yard; or we would have to move the tables and chairs under the tent after the ceremony. We are considering that, though. I just wanted to get an idea of where other people may have gotten married!
  • Go to yarmouth town hall!! We are getting married on rudniks beach, its a secluded beach next to seagall beach. Its a pretty area and never crowded :) FYI were getting married in August at 5:30pm
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