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Registering- long-ish post!

good morning ladies! FI and I stopped by BBB this weekend to look at a Christmas present for his parents...we tried to do some preliminary "registry" browsing, but it's so overwhelming!

Situation: both of us are living at home until the wedding, so we will need to register/buy EVERYTHING living related. we are having 100 guests at the wedding, and FMIL (and FFIL) are hosting a post-honeymoon party to include others.

Questions: how much should i register for? does it look bad to register for a whole lot, and remove items if I happen to pick them up elsewhere? what were your "priority" items? we do plan to register for fine china and crystal; but not silver.

Thank you!! We were so overwhelmed this weekend LOL!
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Re: Registering- long-ish post!

  • TinyTRex321TinyTRex321 member
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    I have started my registry at BBB just because a few people have been asking about it. I started my BBB online. I think it's a lot less overwhelming to start this way then go in the store when you have a better idea of what you want.  I figured it would also be easier to go in and already have the registry created than having to go in tell them all your information.

    I personally do not think it's bad to have a lot of stuff on the registry. I think that is better than not having enough stuff in certain price ranges.

    We are going to BBB next week and plan on taking a list that is organized into different catagories of where the stuff would be. Our plan is just to take our time with it and try to have fun. Then I will look the registry over a few days later at home and probably make changes.  I'll let you know how my plan goes!  If you have a lot to register for and think it might be really overwhelming you could do half of it, go to lunch, then do the 2nd half? Just an idea!
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    We registered at BBB,  Williams Sonoma, and Pottery Barn. We are slightly older (31 and 35) and have most everything we need for our house.  Our big things were some additional pieces of All Clad cookware, knife block set, cloth napkins, guest room linens, bathroom accessories, bar glasses, and "good" silverware.

    We love to entertain friends at the house and so most of our needs represented that fact. I kept tabs on my registry and added things as necessary. I also purchased some of the items on my own as sales came up. If I had to guess...I think about 50% of our guests gave us cash, checks, or gift cards.

    I work PT at W.S. and I've seen lots of couples come in and get overwhelmed during the registry process. I can be stressful. IMHO it would not be wise to attempt to register during the holiday season. The stores are swamped. You won't get the personalized attention. Wait until about mid-January and you should find the stores close to empty.

    Some of my "Must Have's" I were a young 20-something about to move into my first house
    Programmable coffee pot
    Kitchen Aid stand mixer
    Hand mixer
    Toaster oven
    Linens for master bedroom
    Hand towels
    Dish clothes
    Covered trash can
    10 - 12 piece table place setting for everyday
    China (only b/c you mentioned it)
    Everyday glasses in various sizes
    White/Red wine glasses
    Double old fashioned bar glasses
    Picture frames
    Wall shelves
    Guest room linens
    Wellness/rubber mat for by the kitchen sink and for by the stove (your back will thank you)

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  • pirategal03pirategal03 member
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    No matter what you register for, be suer to have things in lots of different price ranges.  Your guests will thank you.  It doesn't look bad to register for many things, as long as they're things you actually need.  Don't register for something just to register for it if you plan to return it or don't really want it.

    I would add to Shelly's list:

    - wooden spoons
    - mixing bowls
    - measuring cups and measuring spoons
    - strainers
    - salad spinner
    - serving dishes
    - serving utensils
    - food processor
    - storage conatiners (like for flour and stuff on the countertop)
    - baking sheets/baking dishes
  • tarheelbabstarheelbabs member
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    Not sure if the 10-12 table place setting was referring to stainless, but I'd definitely recommend a good quality casual flatware.  I started buying mine about 15 years ago and have 12-16 place settings, depending on the piece, plus a number of serving pieces.  Very useful.

    Good quality knives are also great--I'm not crazy about knife blocks.  I like to pick and choose and you can do that at BBB.  Same with the cookware--but, both of these presuppose you like to cook. 

    I think the important things to focus on are the things that last for a long time and those that you are not likely to want to change.  Knives and cookware are pretty constant. So are appliances, so if you get good ones, they can serve you for a long time.
  • ecuchikaecuchika member
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    I would registar for everything you want. like Pp said it doens't look bad and gives your guests options.  Also, if I remember correctly, BBB will give you a % off after the wedding if you want to purchase the remainder items on the list.  Added bonus! I live with my FI and we plan on registaring for a lot of things. Many of our items are hand-me downs I want to hand right on down to my little brother :) and get them out of my kitchen.  I would registar for Tools-I didn't see this on the list or missed it.
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    We also registered at BBB as one of our registries, and we have registered for quite a bit and our wedding is not much larger than yours.   I was sort of in the same thoughts with PP that it was better to have more options for people in various price points (of things we wanted & need) than to get close to the wedding and nothing to be on the registries. 

    We live together, and will have for almost 2 years by the wedding but pretty much everything we have are my things from college, almost everything of which is hand-me-downs, so we registered for nicer things than what we currently have, but certainly kept guest budgets in mind.  I have changed our registry online several times since we went and did it in store though!
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