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Massachusetts-Cape Cod

Ocean Edge Wedding

    I'm new to the board- I just wrote a post about a garden wedding on the lower cape before I explored all the other posts and saw how much valuable info everyone has!  I'm getting married at Ocean Edge this July and I don't want to get married on the beach or in a church.  The front lawn of Ocean Edge is too open and "grand"- I'm looking for an intimate setting for 150, like a garden.  Any ideas??  

Re: Ocean Edge Wedding

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    Just ask your maid of honor, she'll assure you the garden will be BEAUTIFUL and intimate and everything you could ask for in a wedding ceremony.  haha....your userID gave you away :-)

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    I think you can have a ceremony at the Drummer Boy Park in Brewster, but it's not really intimate.  It is close to the water though. 
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    our reception is in the Carriage House on 7/17 and our ceremony is going to be in the small grassy area in front of the Carriage House. It's not as expansive as the huge lawn, and its very quaint (and quiet - no street traffic). Maybe that's an option? (just as long as your wedding isn't 7/17!). If your reception is on the golf course side, that might not be as convenient. GL!
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