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Massachusetts-Cape Cod

Ceremony Musicians-- question and recommendation requests

I'm starting to look for ceremony musicians for my church ceremony in October, but I have a couple of questions.
1) How do you determine how many musicians you need for the space? I want some kind of string ensemble, I think a duo would be too small for the church (St. Patrick's in Falmouth) but not sure whether or trio or quartet would be better. Obviously, trio is better for the budget :) Is there a rule of thumb to figure that out?
2) What would be an 'average' price for an hour and a half?
3) Any specific recommendations for ceremony musicians, string trios/quartets?

I did request quotes from Gigmasters, so I have a starting point, but I'm just not sure what I need and how much is too much to pay. Any helpful tips are appreciated.

Re: Ceremony Musicians-- question and recommendation requests

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    I don't know how large that church is, but my guess would be that a trio would be sufficient.  I used a string duet, but I got married in a chapel.  Prices range from a few hundred to a thousand, and you will have to add travel if they are not located on Cape.  One other place to look is the music programs in Boston (ie the New England Conservatory).  I used Rose Wollman out of Cambridge, and she was affordable and very talented (see vendor review in my bio).  She plays as a trio as well (she's the violist).
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    Try Bruce Abbott (just google him to find his site).  He plays a few different instruments, and works with other musicians.  So he could reccommend how many and what instruments to use. 
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    Katie Lynch is a wonderful harpist who is around $300 for a ceremony and comes with her own amp as needed. I liked the fuller sound of two cellos better, so we are going with Schultze and Ericsson, a husband and wife duo, for around $425. We are having a small (<100 people) garden ceremony. i hope this helps with your pricing questions and size questions.
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