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Venue Question-Links in Quincy, MA

Hi all,
I am recently engaged and am looking for a venue for about 150-200 people, with an outdoor ceremony and tented pavillion for the reception. We live on the North Shore, however are considering all of MA. Someone suggested we look at the Links in Quincy, MA and I was curious if anyone has married there, or decided not to go with the venue. Any help would be appreciated! ( Other venue recommendations helpful too, I am so all over the place)


Re: Venue Question-Links in Quincy, MA

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    My friend got married there. It was a beautiful wedding. She had her ceremony indoors though - and the reception was in the grand ballroom. There was an outdoor deck for guests to go out on. When she looked at the venue she was originally thinking a tent but when she got there she said ti felt like it was about 200 degrees under there. Just a thought!
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    Are you talking about Granite Links?
    If so, I visited there and it was beautiful. The views of the Boston skyline are breath-taking and there is a lot of space for a big wedding. We decided not to go with that venue because it wasn't really in our budget. Definitley worth looking at though!
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    It is very nice there!! Great views. You may find better advice from the brides on the Boston board. Good luck!!

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