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Hi Ladies!
We're getting married in July on the beach at Ocean Edge. We went there this past weekend to see it set up for a wedding, and I have to say I was less than impressed. It was high tide, so there were only 3 rows of seats and they were pushed up against the grass. Also, there were people on the right side of the beach where the ceremony was set up just hanging out.
Have any of you gotten married there? Is high tide/low tide more a luck of the draw? Do you walk down the aisle or just straight in front of everyone? Did they kick the people off your side of the beach? Also, did you wear shoes or go barefoot?

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    I have never been to a wedding at Ocean's Edge, but other places, so this may be less than helpful, but they did not kick people off the beach, unless its a section specifically set up for weddings, I have never seen people asked to leave..I have seen room kind of blocked off to the size, so they aren't right on top of you, but there were people around, and honestly, no one noticed them.

    As for low tide vs high tide, as a Brewster beachgoer, with low tide you could possibly get the 'low tide smell'...just something to conisder.

    Good luck!
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    I was married at Ocean's Edge in June and always thought I wanted a beach wedding; however I did not like the way the beach was set up as well (for low tide) and it is open to the public, so we opted to get married on the mansion's front lawn (which was so perfect and gorgeous). Walking out of the mansion's front door was picture perfect. My opinion is to take the grass.
    Good Luck!
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    i'm getting married at ocean edge on the lawn as well and based on reviews i have read and time i have spent on the cape, i would say the lawn would be a better choice than the beach because people will be walking by on the beach during your ceremony.  also, the tide in brewster can be about a mile out at low tide, and while it's still pretty, i would say that it might not be what you're picturing.  even if you get married on the lawn you can still have pictures on the beach.

    in order to give our wedding more of a beach vibe, we are having a cocktail hour on the ocean terrace between the ceremony and the reception which has an ocean view.

    any other recommendations from anyone on ocean edge weddings? what were the must haves for food and what should i avoid?  we are a ways out so we are still planning the details Smile
    Liz + Matt 09/14/12 CAPE COD
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