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Dottie the Cake Lady

We are using Dottie (The Cake Lady) to make our wedding cake.  She has come highly recommended.  Since she does not provide 'tastings' can anyone that used her recommend a cake/filling for me?  thanks so much!

Re: Dottie the Cake Lady

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    She will make you a full sized cake of your choice for around $15 I believe, do you have any special events, birthdays coming up? Maybe a cake for Labor Day? Personally I love the silver white cake or yellow cake with strawberry filling! but that pistachio chocolate swirl intrigues me :)
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    we had her make a cake for about 15...she filled it with different flavors etc. it was all good but we are going with marble cake bavarian ( sp??) and vanialla frostings. she has been great to work with
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    I also loved Dottie we had a couple different flavors but I loved the buttermilk spice cake with cream cheese frosting. She was great
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