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So I'd like to offer transportation for all of our guests between the hotel and our venue. The wedding is in November, so its hard to tell now exactly how many people will stay overnight and utlize the service, so I figure we should plan for the max (100)
A school bus seems to be by far the cheapest, but is it cheesy? It solves the problem of people drinking and driving, but a mini coach or something would definately be nicer. The one perk is I think the school busses can fit mroe people which is good since we need to get everyone to the venue in time for the ceremony without being too too early.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Re: Transportation

  • My girlfriend did a trolley and it was excellent!  I am not sure of the cost.
  • A school bus is cheapest, but if you can spring for the trolley or coach bus, I would.  Most of the larger limo companies on the Cape have a trolley, as well.
  • I'm going the school bus route. I really wanted to do the mini coach or a nice trolley but the expense was just too high, because of the number of hours we would've needed it, between leaving the hotel to go to the church, then wait during the ceremony, then bring guests to reception and then wait for the 5 hour reception to be over to bring everyone back to the hotel. I wish we could've done something cuter, but hopefully people will be happy to not have to worry about driving. In all likelihood we'll be riding the bus back to the hotel at the end of the night anyway!
  • My wedding is on June 16th and I've already booked a First Student bus for the date. I have to say they have been super easy to work with so far, very professional and I really appreciated it that they were extremely up front with costs, arrangements, etc. They are willing to take as many trips as necessary back & forth, and I love that alcohol is allowed on the bus (and they told you that right away).   Of course on top of all that they are cheap!! 

    I've decided that a school bus is perfect because both my fiancee and I come from a family of teachers. I think anyone stuffy enough to care would probably not ride the bus/trolley anyways and would have driven themselves. I'm also going to see if I can assign someone to decorate it, at least some cute flags in the windows. 

    Go with the bus and don't waste another second thinking about it!
  • Well said Maureen! We are going through First Student also. Thats a great idea about decorations! Gives me something to think about.
  • Thanks ladies! I really would like to do trolleys or the nice mini coach for that special touch, but all in all as said everyone should be happy not to have to drive! 
    Another plus, it holds more people and may lend to some cute pics. 
  • What is the cost for the bus vs the trolley? I just started looking into this today and havent gotten anyone on the phone, Im just looking for a rough estimate to put in my budget
  • I have tried twice to get a quote from First Student, and both times no one got back to me (I did the only inquiry and called)! 
    I think Cape destimations does them for $650.00 or a trolley is more like $850-$950 I think. Anyone know how much First Student is? It's rather off putting that no one has gotten back to me, especially after i called and gave the lady my phone number and email, but if its going to save me a chunk of $ then maybe its worth it? 
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