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Nails in Hyannis or Harwich?

My sister and I want to get our nails done the day before my wedding. Our house is in Hyannis, wedding in Harwich, so either location would be fine. I looked in Solstice, but it looks like it's $25 for a manicure without polish, then says $15 for a polish change so does that mean it would be $40...? I know it's my wedding but that seems like a lot.

Thanks for your help!

Re: Nails in Hyannis or Harwich?

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    I think the website for Solstice says $30 for spa mani with polish, and $25 for spa mani without polish.  I would give them a call and clarify to be sure, I can't imagine any place charging $40 just for a manicure!  I unfortunately don't have any other suggestions, I'm looking for a place myself near South Yarmouth.
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    There's a nail place in the Cape Cod Mall. They're very reasonably priced, too!
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    Theres a place in South Dennis on Route 134 thats really good! I think its called Fashion Nails they are next to the Dunkin Donuts same plaza as ProCuts & D Angelos
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    De Paris nails in the Bell Tower mall.  $42 for a mani/pedi combo.  They're awesome.  And quite cheap.
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    @awillis: Oceanside, who did my wedding hair, charges $40 for a spa mani and $45 for a spa pedi. Of course, i didn't partake in their nail services, but these ridiculous prices are out there!
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    LewisC2002 - That's insane!  People actually pay that?  I can't ever justify paying that -especially since no matter where I've gotten my nails done, my mani's never lats longer than 3 days!!
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    I usually do to de paris nails in centerville, because it's close to my house. Let me know if you ladies find anything else though, I am looking for new suggestions as well. Thanks
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    A polish change usually means that your nails are already painted from a previous manicure and you're getting them redone/changing the color. Although with the $25 stating a manicure without polish then I'm not sure what that translates into. Might want to call and check.

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    I would call Solstice and check.  I had my mani/pedi party there last May, and we had a fantastic time.  I know they weren't cheap, but I don't remember being horrified by their prices either.  It's a very nice spot, and they handle a group very well.
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    I've been to fashion nails in Dennis and didn't love it. It was crowded and I felt rushed and they didn't have a great selection of colors. The place in the Cape Cod Mall is ok, but not if you want to relax. I usually go to California Nails in Dennis, in Patriot Square. $35 for a mani & pedi and its very clean & quiet inside. I went there as a group before my wedding and was very happy, and I go about once a week in the summer.
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