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Massachusetts-Cape Cod

My impossible wedding day?

I've barely started my wedding planning  because my dream wedding has presented few or no options so far. We'd like to get married on Nantucket and charter a yacht back to Hyannis near where the ferry departs from for the cocktail hour(s), then have the boat docked nearby so guests who could not make it to Nantucket can join us for the reception portion. There will likely be under 100 people. I'm pretty sure the ceremony will not be an issue but has no one done anything similar before?   We are sailors and absolutely love being on the water so having the wedding on the boat would be perfect for us. I'd also like to avoid the traditional sit down dinner so booking a venue at this point is not very appealing.  Accepting any and all advice!

Re: My impossible wedding day?

  • clage22clage22 member
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    This sounds like such a cool idea. Are you having difficulties finding a company to charter the boat? I'm not super familiar with companies that offer things like this, but may have a couple leads if this is where the difficulty lies. The one thing I caution up front is, if any of your guests that will be attending the ceremony on Nantucket plan on stay on the island, depending on the timing of your wedding, may not be able to catch the very back. This may be something you need to inform people about up front for their personal planning purposes. I love the idea though!!
  • shoreshotz1shoreshotz1 member
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    awesome idea!  The Liberte is a beautiful sail boat out of Falmouth harbor and they do charters for weddings!!!
  • ShelneShelne member
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    I was browsing massvacation.com for some local things to do and I stumbled upon this...


    I;m not familiar with this company at all, so I can't make any recommendations about them, but it might be a place to start?
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    The difficulty has been in the charter company.  I got one "estimate" and it was for 83k! Other than that, the boats available for charter around here seem too small or look old and dated and many have a set area of where they will travel.  I'm not very picky, but I'd like for it to look nice and hopefully a bit newer.  Especially if the entire reception will be held on it.

    Thanks for the thought about the guests traveling back.  I hadn't thought of that but had thought to provide accomodations on the mainland, and should they want to stay on Nantucket, perhaps the night, or nights before are an option for them.  Thanks!
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    Thank you!  I saw this and had forgotten about since I wasn't terribly impressed with their fleet and seems they only carry a maximum of 65 guests.  It is worth a call though, maybe they've got something else!!  I'll add them to my list.  Thanks!
  • Crissy949Crissy949 member
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    Try hyline cruises out of hyannis, they charter to nantucket on the prudence all the time, ive heard their affordable...Good luck!
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