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Massachusetts-Cape Cod

Hair and makeup on location

Hello all,
I'm looking for hair and make up artists to work on site at Wychmere Harbor Club in Harwichport.  I like really natural looking hair and makeup, so nothing crazy!  Anyone have any ideas?

Re: Hair and makeup on location

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    oceanside (in brewster) travels to you (fee for this), but does great hair. i wasn't too impressed with their make-up, but i hear they have a new make-up person. hth
  • lisa_jlisa_j
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    check out Reggie and Pat at Bridal Hair Pros (www.bridalhairpros.com).  He did my hair and she did my makeup for my wedding last month and I can't say enough about them.  They're right in Harwich Port (L County Rd) but they'll come to you on your wedding day.

    Goood luck!
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    LISA GEORGE is just amazing... You will never look more beautiful, natural and perfect...
    Best money I spent... a true artist and she has a great staff so can doe everybody... Call her *****...
  • ND2011ND2011
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    Call Carol Conlin Hair Studio and see if Carol or Caroline will work with you.  They are in HP (right down the road) and do beautiful simple hair.
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    I used Erin for hair and Kim for makeup from Artworx. I was thrilled with both, as were my bridesmaids. Their prices were very reasonable as well.
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    lewis 2002 has had a slam campain going on for over a year now  Did you personally use her?
    I also used Lisa George as have 3 of my bridesmaids and my cousin Always a pleasure
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    I got my hair and makeup done at the Oasis Salon in Chatham - its only 10 minutes from Wychmere and I think they are willing to travel (although I went to the salon).  I was really happy with my hair (done by Laurie) and my makeup (done by America).
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    I am also suspect of the Lisa geroge slam campaign.... 

    Lisa is a true artist and treats her staff really well... they are all the very best of the best in the area.   She has done hair and makeup professionally for magazines and runway shows and is simply amazing.   She is a top of the game professional and soe are all her staffers. 
    Hard competition... so i think the double book rumors and such are in fact someones effort to discredit the best. 

    Ask your venue coordinators and the other vendors...they will know how good she is .

    If Artworx is behind the slam... they might be good but thats nasty anyway.....


  • MyUserName1MyUserName1
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    Vendors aren't allowed to post on this site, so people can slam them all they like.  


  • Thank you for reporting this MyUserName1.  I am friends with Lisa and am tired of the postings from MidgeMoto that we cannot work together or admire each other.  Lisa and I refer weddings to each other and have for many years. it is nasty to even start a rumor such as this and both Lisa and I are tired of it.   I do not know Midge Moto and have discussed her postings with Lisa personally.   I have also reported her.
  • I just booked Liz Fuller from Hingham.  SHe travels all over.  Her company is called Makeup Artistry Inc.  Good luck!!!!
  • I am using Liz from Makeup Artistry Inc.  Heard good things about her here-am having a trial next month. We shall see....!!!
  • We used Erin with Artworx for hair. Loved her! Came to location, very nice, and most afforadble! I did my own makeup, but have heard great things about the girl with Artworx (Kim I think her name is?)

    I was less than impressed with Lisa George... 2 of my husbands cousins used her and she is wayyy overpriced in my opinion... also not a fan of her customer service. She was pretty rude to me. Not worth the price tag!

  • malmcqmalmcq
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    @cshavo, have you had your trial with Liz at Makeup Artistry yet? I'd be interested in hearing what you thought! I'm just starting to look for hair & makeup stylists now...

    Also, does anyone have any experience with either Beyond Beauty (Hyannis) or Salon on 6 (Brewster)??

  • @malmcq YES I did have my trial with Liz.  She did a great job!  I don't wear a lot of makeup and I didn't want to look like a clown on my wedding day.  I have had my makeup done before for friends' weddings and another event and the makeup was just so heavy and I didn't look like myself.  Liz did a superior job!  She's a good listener.  She asked me about my everyday makeup and what i do for makeup when going to an evening event and then she just went to work.  I loved the results.  It was clean, if you know what i mean.  just very clean and natural but a bit more than i would usually wear.  but i am clueless about blending and highlighting etc.  I think that is the one thing that she did that i could never do.  Just really blending makeup in and she really matched my skin tone with the foundation, something that other makeup artists in the past haven't done very well for me. So i was very happy and booked her right then.  She seems to be busy.  I asked her about next year and she said she is booking quickly for spring.  I recommend her.  I think depending on when your wedding is you need to move fast!  :)
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