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Vendor Reviews - wedding 7/23/10

Hi Ladies:

I'm hoping some of these reviews will help out the other brides on here, much like they had for me. The wedding was fantastic even with the rain during our beach ceremony!! If any of you have an outdoor wedding and it rains, don't sweat it. People had umbrellas and got to go drink early. Haha...I was too excited to care...the only thing that could have ruined it was thunder and lightning. I know you're going to see all A's, but everything really went that well and I picked great vendors after months of reading reviews on here...

Coonamessett Inn- Rehearsal Dinner - A
We wanted to have a nice dinner with just the immediate family for the rehearsal. We rented the mermaid room and had one of the buffets, which we mixed and matched. Food was awesome! After the dinner, we still had the room for 2 hours, so we did a dessert spread and had all friends and family over. It was perfect out on the back patio. People stayed at the holiday inn and walked over/back. Great setting for our group.

Flying Bridge- Wedding Reception - A +
This was a phenomenal setting for the reception. The remodeling was perfect. The dance floor is much bigger and goes right to the bar. People could hang on the bar or on the deck right next to the dance floor, so they were never far from the party.  The guests were raving about how much they loved the Bridge. The food was absolutely fantastic!!! We did fish and chicken and heard nothing but compliments. People's plates looked like they were licked clean. Darlene was awesome and took care of everything for me. She had the timing down perfect and the set up of centerpieces, escort cards, etc was awesome. If you want a fun, cape setting... this is your place! You can make it as formal or as casual as you want it.

DJ- Mark Friedman (Lionell was MC) - A+
I'm telling you the dance floor was not empty from the time we opened the dance floor to the very last song. We had everyone dancing including grandparents, aunts, uncles... it was crazy. They played the best music to get every generation going nuts. Mark is an absolute professional, but he knows how to party. We had so much fun working with him and hope to use him for big parties in the future. He barely played any of the typical wedding songs, because everyone was already dancing! He made us a steel drum CD for us to use on the beach, which worked out perfect too. Love'd him!

Photography- Kristen Dawn (Jocelyn too!) - A+
These are 2 of the nicest ladies you are going to meet. They are fun, go with the flow, creative. It was raining before the ceremony and they kept me calm and excited. My family thought they were great! When my family started to stress me out, they finished pictures with them quick and got us away to do our own thing. I can't wait to see how the pictures came out, but judging by the website and blog, I'm sure they'll be perfect!! She's an excellent deal if your on a budget, but you're not sacrificing quality or creativity.

Limo- White Tie Limo - A
Rob was our driver and he was awesome. We booked them last minute and had them going everywhere! Pick up both families, bring to beach, then everyone to the reception. He had umbrellas waiting for us and fixed my train on the beach. He kept things calm and exciting. They were very easy to work with! I guess it's easy on a Friday wedding though...seems like they book quick for Saturdays.

Flowers- Sue Hobart - A
She's all over the place, but awesome. So easy to work with on prices, when/ where to drop off, adding or subtracting items, borrowing things. She painted the picture for me and it came out better than I could have expected. The flowers were beautiful. We only did a few bouquets, bouts for the guys and corsages. No centerpieces (did floating candles) but she was willing to get flowers done if anything went wrong. I could get in touch thru email, cell or phone...she worked with whatever medium I needed. The bouquet is still going stong this week! Really a pleasure to work with.

Taylor Rental, Falmouth- A
Only needed 32 chairs for beach, easy to work with for pickup and drop off. We have trucks in the family, so that was easier and no delivery needed.

Nails- Fashion Nails of Falmouth- B+/A
My nails came out great, others alright...guess it depends on the person doing them. They were great with my 4 yr old neice! Really Really nice and have the capacity if you call ahead. Reasonable prices. I went on a Thursday before Friday wedding...I think it's probably less busy...

Ceremony was on Surf Drive need to go through Town of Falmouth to get permit. Worked out nice because of rain, no one was on beach at 5:00!

Hair and makeup was done by family members...

I believe I have some stuff to sell, but I'll post later when I sort through everything!

If you have any questions or concerns, let me know. I'll be more than willing to help you out or whatever! You're going to hear this from everyone you talk to, but it goes by so fast!! So try to enjoy every minute and don't worry about the stuff you coulda shoulda woulda. It's not going to matter that day and you're probably the only one who will notice.

Oh and last tip...go casual if you can!! Everyone wore short sleeve button downs/hawaiian shirt/khakis/sundresses/sandals and we got nothing but thanks. People loved being comfortable!! Food for thought if you're having a beach wedding/outdoor ceremony.

Good luck!!


Re: Vendor Reviews - wedding 7/23/10

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    Forgot cake- Konditor Meister Bakery - Braintree...
    They are just incredible...gave them a picture and it came out perfect!! Had to work with Darlene to make sure KM was ok...they deliver at all hours, so sometimes the reception halls don't have the space early in the day. Worked with KM to make sure not before at 6:00pm.
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    Sounds like you had a wonderful wedding! Thanks for the reviews!
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    First of all, congratulations!  Your wedding sounded beautiful, and thanks so much for the encouragement if it rains - you just never know, and it helped to hear your excitement regardless of the weather!

    We're using both the Coonamessett and the Flying Bridge for the reception and rehearsal dinner, so it was great to hear how satisfied you were.  We had heard their food was great, but it was so nice to hear it from someone who just used them.  Thanks again, and enjoy your new life!

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    Congratulations! Thanks for the reviews! I'm getting married at The Flying Bridge next September and it's great to hear more good reviews of this place :) So they allowed you to use someone else other than Casual Gourmet? Thats good to know.

    We're also thinking of using Kristen Dawn as well. She seems great and a lot of fun... exactly what we're looking for! Thanks again! And enjoy married life :)
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    Congratulations!  Mark Friedman and Lionel Hall did our reception too, and it was the same... EVERYBODY was dancing and the dance floor was packed all night.  Glad you were able to snag them, and had such a good time!

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    Hi Maureen!

    Will you send me a message with more information about The Flying Bridge? I can't figure out how to send you a private message for some reason (I'm new to this board!). Did you find that it was too hot since there was no AC? Where did you have your ceremony? Any info would be fantastic! Thank you so much!

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    Just wanted to know more about the Sea Crest, did you have to use their new menu and did you get a detailed description of how the renovation will change the ballroom making it smaller with another dining room to be built adjacent to it?
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    Hi Suzanne:
    Sorry I haven't been checking as frequently but was coming on to post items for sale. I got married on Surf Drive Beach in which you have to send in a form to the town hall to get approval.
    Also, the wedding was very casual, ie. sun dresses, khaki pants and hawaiian or short sleeve dress shirts. Knowing the wedding was in the middle of the summer and on the beach, that was the only way to go. People were so happy to be COMFORTABLE at a wedding. I've been at weddings indoors with AC and have sweat like crazy because of all the people on the dance floor; so not having AC didn't bother us. If people wanted to, they could stand outside on the decks right next to the dance floor and be as close to the party as everyone else.
    I also changed into a short strapless dress, because I had a long satin dress which was just too hot to wear...
    I have no complaints about the service or you can see above. So I'm surprised at some of the other posts. I guess it's all in what you choose to have done though!

    Hope this helps! Good Luck in your planning!
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