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Little Nevrous...

Ugh, i saw today that the hotel we are having our ceremony at that guests will be staying at got TERRIBLE reviews from another wedding party that recently stayed there (more than 1 guest) saying the rooms had ants, the staff was rude, etc...

I'm getting nervous here, should i ask the owner about these reviews or just let it go because it appears to be one group of folks?

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    What hotel did you book your guests at?  Where is the wedding?   Maybe you have time to find some alternate options for them?  Also, call the hotel!  Tell them your concerns....could get something out of it!
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    I would first put the date to the review..( was it IRENE weekend) cause tht was a mes of a weekend!  

    But do speak with the coordinator at some point... they are capable of making the extra effort for you week of... so do it closer to the actual date .. 

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    What hotel is it? Also, when were the reviews posted? I'm guilty of not reading thoroughly and then realizing the bad reviews are from 3 - 4 years ago and things have changed.

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    its the sand and surf hotel reviews were just posted this past weekend so it must be the same wedding party.
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    I have been going to the Cape all my life and never heard of the place, don't know if that's good or bad. If you are having your ceremony or reception there, I'm not really sure what you can do (not sure of your timeline). If it's just rooms (again, depending on timeline), maybe look for some other places to stay?
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    Here's my take, for what it's worth.  All 4 of those reviews were submitted on the same day.  None of those people have ever posted a review on trip advisor before.   something happened at that wedding and someone is ticked off.  That makes me skeptical about the reviews  Call the hotel and asked what happened.  
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    MissCynic - i agree, that is what i'm thinking. Thanks!
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    amy, timeline is june 2012, so there is time but i'll ask the vendor first, see what the situation is and go from there. thx!
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    I actually stayed there a few years back and it was pretty nice...casual but beautiful beach and certainly a fun weekend... 

    I would just make nown your concerns so they have a heads up that you expect the best from them... 
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