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Massachusetts-Cape Cod

venue...PLEASE HELP!!

hi, i'm really at a loss. my fiance and i are on a budget and are dreaming of a vintage rustic outdoor wedding.  we live in ny but the cape holds a lot of memories for us. does anyone know of any barn, vineyard, orchard type venue on the cape?? for venue site fee, food and alcohol we are trying to stay around $15,000. if you have ANY ideas i would really appreciate it!!

Re: venue...PLEASE HELP!!

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    We are getting married at Bourne Farm in Falmouth, not sure if this is the area you had in mind? The cost to rent the land for Fri, Sat, and Sun. is around $2000, depending on the time of year. You pretty much do everything else your self. Rent the tent, tables, chairs, find the caterer etc. This part can be a little over whelming, but it also allows you to pick things that are in your budget. If you google Bourne farm wedding images there are some picture to look at. The website does not have great pictures. I hope this helps.

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    How many people do you expect? That will greatly affect the overall cost. I can't help with a venue, but my caterer seems to be really good at working within a budget-- Chef Roland. No website but I can get you the phone number if you need it.
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    I've been having this same exact problem, but while I've been investigating I've found a lot of really nice places on the cape. 

    Bourne Farm was I think $3,500 if you rent it between late May and early September (prime season i guess). You can have a ceremony at the Nobska Point Lighthouse (Woods Hole, Falmouth) and then find another reception venue. There's also Long Pasture (Barnstable) that is beautiful. It's a nature conservation area right on the bay, however you are not allowed to have a reception there, ceremonies only. The cost to rent that is $900, but you must also become a Mass Audubon member for $58. Great thing about that though is all the money goes to Mass Audubon. Literally right down the street from Long Pasture there is also a large farm called the Cape Cod Organic Farm. No idea on price. There's also The Cape Cod Lavender Farm, a beautiful farm in Harwich. Not sure of the pricing, or if they traditionally have weddings there, but I'm willing to bet they have. This last farm looks absolutely beautiful from the photos on their website. 

     I'm also on a budget, and am probably too dead set on an ocean front wedding to make this easy for myself, hence why I didn't pick any of these places even thought they're all beautiful. Good luck!
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    I would reccomend Borsari Gallery (http://www.borsarigallerycapecod.com/) it is an 1800's barn renovated into an art gallery - just gorgeous!!! I would have loved to have my wedding here, but the barn only fits up to 90 people, so it was a bit to small for me.
    The owners are a joy to work with and I think they are flexible with which caterer you hire (which means you could shop around for a good deal)!

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    thank you so much for all these ideas...we are looking to have around 180 ppl.
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    I can't remember who but there was a knottie that had hers at the Overbrook House and it sounds like it has what you are looking for.

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    i just looked at this and it is beautiful and just what i am looking for!! do you (or does anyone) know anything about it? pricing/ capacity/ whats included?? thanks ladies!!
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    Try the Heritage Museum and Gardens.  It might have everything that you are looking for and is quite reasonable.
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