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Felicias Perfect Setting----FAR FROM PERFECT! *RANT*

I am so upsent right now and really need to VENT!!!
In January, I went to the Hathorne CC bridal show.  Felicias had a booth set up and I began talking to the woman from Felicias about the fuschia organza overlays they had on display there.  She was really excited to tell me about a special they were running on the table overlays and explained that normally they are $15 a piece to rent but if I were to give them a deposit by March 10, that they would be $10 each.  I thought perfect!!  She then went on to explain exactly how the rentals work and that they would personally coe set them up the day of the wedding etc. (at this point, I again confirmed the $10 price with her since it seemed kind of cheap seeing as they would come and set them up and everything, bu OK..she reassured me that $10 was the price with a deposit before March10)She suggested I make an appt to go to their store in Fall River where the girls would set up sample tables for me etc. I was so excited!
Today was my appt.......I walked in the door with my mother (who was also
at the Hawthorne with me when and witnessed the above conversation).  I was greeted by they girl whom I booked the appt with and I then told her that I was there for the overlay special). She looked at me like I had 10 heads and said she had no idea what I was talking about.  I then requested to speak with the lady who I spoke with at Hawthorne.  She came out and I recapped for her our conversation at Hawthorne and she said she never told me anything like that.  My mother and I were dumbfounded. Even after explaining in detail the conversation we had, I asked her to honestly tell me that she did not remember saying any of it, and she said again that she never told me that.  So either both my mother and I are going completely INSANE, or this woman is a compulsive liar.
I cannot believe that that after talking with this woman for over 20min that she could lie straight to my face!!!!!!!!! It is one thing if the woman told us the wrong prices originally at the show but be honest and own up to your mistake!!!
PLEASE BEWARE if you are considering their services and my best advice is to GET EVERYTHING THEY SAY IN WRITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I will not be giving them an ounce of my business and will be letting the Hawthorne know about this since they came highly recommended form the venue.Yell

Re: Felicias Perfect Setting----FAR FROM PERFECT! *RANT*

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    Wow,  thats horrible, sometimes I have noticed vendors will say anything to hook you in then change....sounds like the old bait and switch:( sorry about that.
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    I'd file a complaint with the BBB as well! I was be furious if someone pulled a bait & switch on me. Besides that's illegal as well!
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    Hi Jen.  I would like to congratulate you on your wedding. I'm sure it was spectacular. In regards to this negative comment I would just like to respond saying- I was indeed representing The Perfect Setting at the Hawthorne Country Club bridal show. We were running a promotion the day of the bridal show for $15.00 per linen. My company has never run a promotion for fuchsia overlays for $10.00 per linen.  As my company does professionally dry clean all our linens, the cost of laundering would not cover only renting them for $10.00.  I do know there was another company at the bridal show that day that was renting fuchsia overlays and had them on display and I apologize if you got confused.  There are so many vendors you speak with during the course of the day, you may have thought the promotion was with us and it was not.  Our display that day did not have any pink, as the overlays shown on promotion where only in white and ivory.  It was awkward when you arrived at the showroom for me as well when you stated I quoted you $10.00, as there was never a $10.00 promotion given the day of the bridal show.  All the customers that came to the bridal show that day and requested the promotional price of $15.00 received that promotion.  I do hope that you contacted the other rental company and received that discount, as it was a phenominal one. As far as a written proposal, we do offer linen quotes for our clients "in writing" -ALWAYS.  I hope your event was perfect! :)

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