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wedding is over, time for reviews!

Hi everyone! I was lucky to have a wonderful wedding in Wellfleet on August 13th, so i thought id share some reviews.
A LOT of my wedding was DIY to cut costs where ever possible...
Chequessett Yacht and Country Club, Wellfleet
I couldnt say enough about CYCC! Reven was a pleasure to work with and one of the most laid back people. She listened to everything i wanted and asked about and assured me through out the process that it was MY day. Our ceremony was on the beach in the sand during low tide on the bay side, with the reception immediatly following right in the boat house on the beach. Reven allowed me to decorate it however i wanted. But because of the location i didnt need a ton. My family went the day of the wedding around 12:30 to set up everything according to my very Type A directions and map :) and it turned out great. (it was even a full moon that night!) They have workers drive golf carts up to the restrooms in the club house so older guests dont have to walk across the street. And boy did some of my guests put those boys to work! :) Warning: the boat house is small, we only ended up with 87 people and it was a tight fit. CYCC does offer choices of using the club house for dinner then the boat  house for dancing, but i wanted everything at the beach. I couldnt have asked for a more perfect location for our laid back Cape wedding!

Outer Cape Clambake/Chef Joe
Chef Joe was also wonderful with helping us plan our non traditional menu. (CYCC only allows you to choose from their list of caterers) My HUSBAND (feels wierd saying it still!) doesnt like seafood so we didnt want the typical lobster bake. So Chef Joe helped us come up with a summer cookout classic menu of BBQ grilled chicken, build your own burgers, corn on the cob, potato salad and watermelon. We were going to do beans, but i changed my mind at the last minute about that. We did sausage, DELICIOUS quesadillas (i wanted mexican food but was voted down by my family :( ) and shrimp cocktail (even though he doesnt like seafood, i LOVE IT! so i had to have something!) for appetizers. It was a buffet style meal and Chef Joe used "minimal coverage" but everything was great. After we did pictures his workers found Terry and I and made sure to give us drinks and apps. Chef Joe and Reven work together frequently and they were both wonderful to deal with! In the winter I think Chef Joe goes into hibernation and is a little relaxed when it comes to replying to emails, but dont worry, he will definatly get back to you once the snow is gone :) hahaha

Cupcake Charlies, Mashpee
My husband and i discovered these delisious cupcakes 3 years ago in mashpee commons and as soon as we got engaged i KNEW i wanted these instead of cake!! We got 5 different flavors and they delivered and set everything up. The only thing i didnt like was since we rented the stand from them you had to return it back to them within 24 hrs of the wedding otherwish you would be charged $100. Terry and I stayed in Wellfleet for a few extra days and didnt want to drive that far the next day so we didnt return it on time... However all of your guests loved the cupcakes and talked about them for a few days after. Penny is the woman i emailed and she was great to work with as well. I may have gotten more when we finally got to return the stand to take home as well :) my family and i also did a mini dessert bar as well since not everyone likes cake

HOTEL: A++++!!!
Southfleet Motor Inn, Wellfleet
My parents rented out half of the hotel for the weekend of the wedding so many of the guests could stay together. Southfleet was a GREAT place to stay for all of us! They have 2 pools, one of which we sort of took over all weekend (but never was asked to be quiet or anything). They also have a little grilling area that we didnt get around to using, and a small breakfast of toasts and bagels. Nothing crazy. But the owner and all of the workers were super friendly and just great to deal with. Terry and I stayed for a few extra days and are planning on our return trip next August with our friends again.

Town of Wellfleet
We rented a bus on Friday and Saturday through the town and the money went to the school system. We had the same driver both nights so we got to know how crazy we all were. On Friday she came to the hotel and we all boared to go to P-Town for the night. She never complained and even played along during all of the chanting and singing :) On Saturday she came to get Terry and his guys early to bring them first to CYCC and then made 2 other trips backa nd forth to the hotel for anyone wanting to take the bus. After the recepetion she drove us down to a bar called the Pearl and took people back throughout the night that didnt want to stay any longer. She was FANTASTIC!!! :) and such a great idea so we didnt have drunk drivers.

The Pearl, Wellfleet
CYCC must end their functions in the boat house at 10PM because of the noise ordinance. So we decided to keep the party going at The Pearl down at Wellfleet Harbor. Mac was great to work with and he even had apps ready for us when we arrived since the kitchen closes at 10 PM. The only complaint i heard from my guests was that the music wasnt loud enough to hear, and it was a little too laid back of a place.

The Whitman House, Truro
We had some issues with the original venue for this. We were orignially going to go to the Barney Neck Inn in Orleans, but after dealing with a VERY VERY RUDE and unprofessional worker there I demanded my money back and we were lucky to find the Whitman house with only 2 months before the wedding! The food was ok, and the service was also ok. We had about 42 people there, and for some reason I was the only person who wasnt getting served any beverages. I asked 2 waitresses for a drink and neither of them brought me one, and then my bridesmaids each asked (4 of them) for a drink for themselves and for me and they got thiers and i didnt recieve mine (and no i wasnt intoxicated i hadnt had anything to drink at this point) so that is why I only gave them a B.

Our DJ was a family member of one of our friends, and therefore i dont want to get too into my thoughts of him on here. I will just say even after meeting with him, and giving him a large list of what we love and didnt want, we were both very disappointed with what he chose to play and what he didnt play. At one point of the evening Reven asked him to stop getting beverages (of the adult variety) since he was supposed to be working!! Needless to say that was the only thing i wish i could re-do. But we all made the best of it when he did play some of the songs we did like!
Flowers, i did all of them myself.
I didnt use a videographer, my family members took video during the ceremony for us.
Favors: we gave everyone a Tshirt from Cuffys (sort of a family joke) we got them in the winter when the prices were even cheaper!

I saved the best for last!!
Shoreshotz Photography, Amanda
I can not even begin to explain how awesome Amanda was to work with through out this whole process!!! She is very friendly and fun and professional!! We got our engagment photos done by her as well. Amanda was early to meet with us the day of the wedding and did a great job capturing everything we had talked about. She had a few photos already up online the next morning! I would recommend any and everyone use her for your weddings!! I want to get married again so i can work with her over and over!! :)

i know this may have been long, but i couldnt have asked for a better day!! Best of luck to everyone planning out there! Dont get too bogged down by what others want you to do, do what you and your finace want to do, afterall it is YOUR day, not anyone elses!! :)
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