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wedding reviews

 My day is over and we are back from a fab honeymoon     2 weeks in Ireland!!
I wasn't a poster on the knot but I did read reviews now and then to find vendors
So I hope mine will help others too.

My husbands parents have a house here so that is where it all happened
We tented but I didn't deal with them but everthing was fine MIL didn't say anything either way

The casual gourmet wasn't our first choice but we waited to long to get who we waned so. We where very happy with all the comings and goings I didn't notice anyone without food and it was really good ( what I managed to eat) So many people to greet!!!!!

Dress from NYC Vera Wang Alterations nothing eventful

I'm a graphic designer so we did the invites and save the dates.

Flowers Sue Hobart I really enjoyed working with Sue She is attentive and I felt she listened to me Everything looked absolutely beautiful from entrance, tent, tables and bouquets

Hair and make-up Lisa George The fact she worked in NYC made me feel more at ease to begin with. She totally hit it We all looked the best I think I had ever seen any of us Especially my mom who just loved her. Everything lasted well into the after party from what I can remember ha ha

Photographer Christopher Dumas He was so much fun to be with both day of and engagement photos which came out great so I'm so excited to see the wedding day!

My only regret was not hiring a wedding coordinator at least for day of There where just to many questions and things to deal with I and my mom started getting really stressed out  which is not what I wanted at all on my wedding day

Hope that helps!
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