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I'm looking for some info from anyone who has used a trolley in the past or is looking into one for their wedding. I've emailed a few places and have not had much luck . . . the one company that did get back to me is quoting at least $1,000  for only 3-4 hrs. Does anyone have any recommendations for companies to use or other alternative modes of transportation for a Cape wedding?

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    Im getting married 9/10/10 and using Cape Destinations.  The price for 3 hours was $850.  I believe I got a $50 discount because it is a Friday.  I think their regular rate is $899.  The girl who handles the trolley/wedding rentals is very nice and responded quickly to my calls/emails.

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    thanks! I'll check them out, I'm getting married 6/25 :)
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    We are using White Tie Limo. It was cheaper for us than Cape Destinations, b/c Cape Destinations charges extra to go to Falmouth. It's a regular 30 odd person shuttle, not a trolley.
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    I know that it's not the same thing at all, but me and my friends used Cape Destinations' trolley for prom and they were really helpful!
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    I just got married on the 17th and used A Formal Affair.  They were an hour early, which is all I could ask.  The driver was fine, but the trolley was incredible - it's all white and has all wood inside and wraps around like a limo inside.  I loved it... if you have more questions please e-mail me and I'd be happy to help!  [email protected]
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    Thanks so much for your help! I'll email you Jenna
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