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Beach Wedding on Cape

Has anyone done this? Is anyone planning on doing this? we are looking to have a 20 person ceremony on one of the beaches in or near Wellfeet. I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions or tips.

Re: Beach Wedding on Cape

  • I LOVE Wellfleet.  I had initially thought about it, but FI wanted a church, so we went in that direction instead.

    Things to consider - restrooms, weather, wind (a whole different issue than weather - even on a sunny day wind can make it difficult to hear and blow sand in people's faces).  Also, consider that other (non-wedding) people may be walking by or lounging in the area.
    If it's just the ceremony, and while there is still light out, you shouldn't have to worry about some of the bigger issues, such as getting a generator and lights.
    These factors shouldn't intimate you, as all can easily be handled, you just have to prepare for it!
  • first apply for the permit.  I am having my cermony on a beach in falmouth, but your application has to be approved by the town hall, in whatever town you chose!
  • Thank you! I think we decided on Marconi!
  • rent an estate with a private beach for your ceremony, that's what we are doing, no permit necessary but of course the home owners have their own rules we must follow.
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