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Is there anybody who has had, been to, or having a wedding at the Ocean Edge?  Getting married there in May and getting nervous about it because the wedding coordinator has had a few mistakes already.

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  • Ocean Edge is STUNNING.  We go there at least a few times every summer for drinks on the patio, and one of our good friend's is a fulltime groundskeeper there.
    Everyone is capable of mistakes, so I suggest just making sure you have everything in writing, and schedule a walkthrough beforehand to make sure the coordinator gets all of the details down one last time.
  • They do an amazing job....absolutley beautiful venue, delicious food, great will be very pleased Im sure.  Just go over your timeline and menu with them the week before.
  • I have been doing just that. I am still keeping my fingers crossed because they have 3 other weddings going on that day.My wedding is under 20 people so if there is a mix up it will be noticeable. The Ocean Edge is stunning and they were very accomadating with my small wedding...thats why we picked it.  Can't wait.
  • Wow, 20 people, that's going to be awesome!  Ours is 50 and I'm excited for it being small, too.
    So excited for you.  I would just keep up with those emails to make sure you don't fall off of their radar amidst the larger weddings.  I'm sure everything will turn out just wonderfully, though!
  • Hi Jules,

    I'm getting married there in September, so far my coordinator has been great - I did have to go through a transition period when my original coordinator left.  Since we booked back in 2010 the packages have changed and I had to go through a little "reminder" of a few things but nothing major.  What type of mistakes if you don't mind me asking?  Just want to keep an eye out myself for anything that could happen!

    Thank you and good luck!!!
  • We recieved someone else's quote. When it was time to schedule the food tasting she forgot to send over the list, then there was a holiday so she wasn't available. When she finally did recieve the email it was the week of the tasting. She sent me a email asking for my choices by the next day...I didn't recieve the email till the next day cause I had gone to work at that point. It was fine though. Just little things so far...but that makes me nervous that something big could potentially happen on the day of.  I will keep you posted, I am sure I am just over thinking it . Good luck!
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    Hi ladies!! I'm getting married at Ocean Edge in 15 months....recently signed the contract and gave the deposit! Very excited!! I'd love to hear about your experiences there so far, to know what I'm in for! The coordinator I have been in contact with seems awesome and super helpful. Are any of you getting married on the beach there?

  • I'm getting married at Ocean Edge in October and have had nothing but positive experiences with an amazing wedding coordinator who is very gracious and has great follow up.  
  • I'm getting married at Ocean Edge in September. Had a couple of mistakes on my initial contract but nothing that wasn't easily fixed. So far they have been really nice to work with and my coordinator has been very patient and helpful. VERY excited about getting married there. We are doing the rehearsal dinner there as well and having a bonfire the night before. Reception is the Linx Pavillion, anyone had a wedding there?
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