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Hi Everyone,

Today my fiance and I went to Stop and Shop and Roche Brothers in Mashpee looking for flowers.  I have to say, Stop and Shop was WONDERFUL...we received fantastic advice and service from Lynda.  She was personable and seemed very reliable.  I was however EXTREMELY disappointed with Roche Brothers.  Audrey was extremely UNpersonable and offered no help other than very crudely telling us that we needed to make an appointment, and that she'd just finished an appointment and would not be helping us today.  She gave the impression that she did not want to work and would rather us go elsewhere.  I'm not sure I would want to trust this woman with my flowers on my wedding day.  

I'd heard great things about Roche Brothers prior to this- can anyone confirm this?  I'm just not sure I should give them another shot.   Thanks for any help!

Re: Roche Brothers Flowers

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    I don't know if it is Audrey but the darkish skinned  floral manager there does do a nice job on the flowers...And does have a fairly abrupt personality. 

    What i will say is that Roache brothers definately has much nicer flowers to work with than stop and shop by a long shot. 

    You might also check out Windfall market in Falmouth.. Astrid is very talented and a real peach.
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    First of all...would you go to a florist to buy groceries?
    Than why are you going to a grocery store to have your Wediing flowers designed?

    Because you think you are going to save money?
    Do some homework!
    Contact a Wedding flower "only" florist!
    Who is working legally from home, meaning a certificate from the town.
    Has a million dollar liability policy and does not have the overhead of paying for a shop so she will put more into your Wedding.
    You would be very surprized and delighted that the prices are very good!
    Also remember, A Wedding florist has more to offer than a frocery store in reference to containers, archways, pedastils and time!  The reason I know this first hand is that I work part time for a Florist who put a lot of time and effort into designing flowers for her Brides!    Alexandra!

    PS..... we have designed many Weddings for Bride's who have consulted with Audrey at Roche Brothers and have been very dissapointed in her attitute.
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    Thanks Midgemoto- I hadn't even considered Windfall- I'll check them out!
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    I totally forgot about Sue Hobart.. She is fantastic and now will do pick up weddings from her falmouth studio... 
    She is a full service wedding specialist too, but when I got her planning info it did mention that she will do pick up weddings at any budget. 
    Hobarts fine florals in falmouthj
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    Thanks again Migdemoto,

    I did some research and actually ended up getting in contact with Sue yesterday- she seems fantastic and super nice!
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    I'm sorry, but this comment thread should really be removed by The Knot due to it's blatant inaccuracies. I had the great pleasure of working with Audrey Waterfield & Roche Brothers over the course of the past year. Audrey is sweet, hardworking, generous and TALENTED. She loves what she does and it shows. Perhaps you showed up to Roche Brothers without an appointment? As any wedding coordinator would tell you, you should schedule an appointment with all vendors out of respect. They are just as busy, if not busier, than you are. Regardless of your approach, however, I cannot ever see Audrey being rude. She is a true talent and Roche Borthers is lucky to have her. She designed my entire wedding and rehearsal dinner. Before meeting with Audrey, I could not fully envision my wedding. She allowed me to see the whole event, walking me down the aisle and through the reception. She loves what she does and it shows. Everyone at my wedding was asking who did my flowers. I bragged about Audrey's talents and am sure she will be getting a lot of business from the future brides on my guest list ;) If you don't believe me, feel free to check out images at: Audrey has style and class. It was a true honor to work with such an unbelievably talented woman. 

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