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I am looking for advice on when i should start my hair trials.  I have 4 girls in my wedding and we all need our hair done at my house for an 11:30am wedding.  I need soeone who is willing to travel to Cape Cod.  I have had recommendations for two people in the Boston area but I am not sure if they are willing to travel that far that early.  My wedding is September 8, 2012.  I am also very picky about my hair and know what I want.  When should I dive in to hair trials and finding someone willing to travel?

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    just call lisa george NOW... she is outstanding and you can stop worrying about that...
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    Use Special Event Beauty! Awesome and travel to the Cape.... started my girls at530 AM for an 11 AM ceremony.... everyone looked beautiful :)
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    oceanside in brewster does great hair, and can do it at their salon or can travel. definitely worth checking out. they did 7 of us for a 12pm wedding, hair and make-up (make-up is less great), starting at 8am. they have enough staff to handle it.

    a word of caution about lisa george - she has a history of double booking days and then canceling 2 weeks before the wedding or just sending her assistants but charging full price (previous posts on this site by frantic brides have attested to this). if you go with her, just make sure to clarify these issues before signing anything.

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    Ok Miss HOUSTON... here you go again... you have been bad mouthing Lis george all year and promoting .. this is the most absurd accusation...Stop lying about Lisa... I know you are a friend of one of the other hair people and on a smear campaign against lisa... 
    Otherwise why would you still be responding after 3 years... stop.. this is vicious and mean and just plain wrong. 

    please,,, other brides.. look at her lewisc2002 history and see what this is really about. 

    Lisa George is the one to beat and nobody comes close... period... She can make a wrinkled cow look great.. believe me I have seen it... 

    Of course if you arent a wrinkled cow you will look even better.. but she is talented , professionan and NOT a flaky businesswoman like this Houston smear person keeps claiming...
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    Artworx does on site bridal hair & makeup.  Erin & Kim did an amazing job for my wedding & 5 bridemaids + my mom.  Reasonable prices too :)
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    Justine from Salon Justine in Dennis will travel to you
    Jennifer Guerriero will travel to you
    And Heather's Hairport always gets a thumbs up.
    I have hired Jenn for my sister's wedding and she is wondeerful, but I have seen the work of these others above and they are also very good.
    Sister of the bride, May 6, 2012!!!
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