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Bridesmaids drama

My bridesmaids want to wait till the very last second to shop for their dresses. I'm paying for their hair and makeup so only cost is dress. I was told by the bridal salons that we need to order within 6 months to avoid a rush fee and my bridesmaids argue that you can wait to order and receive their dress in 2 weeks. What is a reasonable time frame? I'm not waiting until 2 weeks before.I think that is unreasonable and insane!

Re: Bridesmaids drama

  • Why do they not want to order? Are they thinking they might change sizes?  Is cash flow short after the holidays?  I would find out why (speak to them individually, not as a group) and see if you can address the root cause.
    You're right, though, even David's Bridal can't do two weeks.  Unless they're all a sample size and the store has a ton of inventory, or you're thinking of an off the rack dress from a chain, I really doubt two weeks is even in the cards.

  • tell them to suck it up, it's your day
  • I've been told 4 months out is the minimum in a typical bridesmaid salon. Some place like J Crew would be a lot faster but even then 2 weeks would be cutting it close.
  • We ordered all of the bridesmaid dresses for my wedding from It took about 3 months for the dresses to come in. That was a very reasonable time frame because most of the bridal salons we met with were saying 6 months. The girls also need to take into consideration time for getting the dresses altered. You always want to be safe than sorry and allow for extra time for everything. Most of the time when you order the dresses they are not pre-made. That;s why it takes so long for them to come in. PSBridal did have great prices and the dresses are the real designers dresses. 
  • We had a June wedding and I had the girls order their dresses by October.... Check out Chantillys in Hyannis! They can do payment plans if they need to there
  • My girls ordered their dresses for my June wedding in August. They came in like 9 weeks later. We went to check out options and they just decided to order them then. We used Alfred Angelo and they only required a deposit,
  • Really?!?! These girls are suppossed to take some of the burden off your shoulders, not give you more stress!!!! Our wedding is in June and my girls got fitted and ordered their dresses from David's Bridal today and they said the dresses won't be in until April 30th, so there really isnt a whole lot of time if they need any alterations.  Two weeks is ridiculous they need to stop adding to your strerss and get their dresses!!
  • Well, they'll have to pay for rush fees themselves. 
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