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XP: PSA Don't buy disposable cameras!

So fortunately and unfortunately. I purchased 20 wedding disposable cameras from store. I bought them last year since the expiration date wasn't until a year after our wedding. Sunday was my wedding shower and so my mother decided to test out two of them. Luckily she had and we didn't just depend on them on the wedding. BUT not a single one of the photo's came out!!! I was so so disappointed. My mother used up two cameras and out of a combined 60 pictures we got one. When we had them developed Target called us and asked us to come down. He said he sees this very often with the wedding disposable cameras because they are refurbished and shipped over to other countries and often replaced with cheap film and the flash doesn't work. Well now we're stuck with 18 other cameras that don't work. I really wanted to let everyone know so you can be prepared in advance should you decide to buy them. ....imo don't waste your money!

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Re: XP: PSA Don't buy disposable cameras!

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    Consider doing photosharing cards instead.  Set up a photosharing website on flickr, photobucket, etc.  You can leave little business cards (free on vistaprint!) on the table asking people to upload the pictures they took at the wedding to your website. We did this and it was nice because we got a different perspective of our wedding & better quality photos than we would've got with disposables :)
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