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Okay ladies, I know it's SUPER early to be considering invites & save-the-dates for some of you, but I have to rave about Vistaprint.

I ordered some postcards through one of their free promotions, when I also had a promotion going on through my e-miles.com account to earn some frequent flier miles. I thought these would be simple save-the-date options, and if I hated them, then I would only be out $5 for shipping. I have to say I absolutely LOVED them.

So since I signed with my venue yesterday and nailed down my times, I decided to browse and see what kind of deals I could get. I found a lot of promotion codes from googling and found one for 50% off EVERYTHING. I managed to get invites (with linen finish), enclosure cards & matching envelopes, for $128 plus $10 shipping. They all match my save the date cards, too. The best coupon codes I found were here: http://www.couponwinner.com/MerchantCoupons.aspx?MID=799

Here's what mine will look like

Also, one of the gals on my local board posted a link to someone's blog where she got all of her wedding stuff from vistaprint for very little cost. Here's her link: http://vistaprint-goddess.weebly.com/index.html

They have plenty of color palettes to choose from, and you can customize your fonts too. It is a little bit of a time consumer, so I'd suggest playing around if you are bored one day. The only downside to these is it will have a small "vistaprint.com" note on the bottom right on the back of your stuff, but if you don't mind that it's definitely worth the money you can save to put towards other wedding related things.
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