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February 2012 Weddings


because i trust your opinions more then my local board :)

So here goes- John and I dont necessarily have a budget... BUT i'll be the first to admit that i like CHEAP! i search the internet for all deals and typically only buy my clothes online via the clearance sections of name brand stores :) i find sweet deals, might i add hehe :)

Anyway... i'm having a HARD time justifying spending tons of money on a wedding gown. and have been dreading even going to look at them because i fear i'll fall in love with one that is expensive.

So... i finally got the courage to start looking online to get "ideas".. well guess what i found a BEAUTIFUL gown that i LOVE!!! GREAT PRICE $264!!! ( i know, RIGHT!)
Anyway.. kicker-
it's an online only store!!!

They have a return policy. However, here's the thing i would be hesitant on. I'm nervous to buy strapless. i feel i'm too fat :( and i dont want to be tugging at my top all day/night. so IF i do alterations/modifications on it (straps) it will not be able to be returned. However i suppose i could always take it to David's Bridal and have straps (if i wanted) put on....

Would you order it if you could return it??

So here goes:

~*~ Sorry for any typo's. Replying from an Android device. ~*~

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