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guest thingy idea

so i found the cuetest idea on the app for the knot... one of the girls was talking about doiing a quilt... getting some fabric pieces and fabric pens, having people sign them instead of a guestbook and making a quilt for an heirloom... i'm loving it!

oh, and i also think i may have found an idea for table numbers too.... buckets for ice and champagne, and number the buckets on the tables... have the champagne chillied for the toast already in the bucket... maybe stick a placecard on a pin in the cork of the champagne bottle with the number? not sure yet where exactly...

and i think i want to do a ribbon wand instead of a pomander for the flower girl(s) that way it's more useful for future toys... pretending to be a princess maybe :)

ok.. i'm done :) back to lurking and hunting
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Re: guest thingy idea

  • Lots of good ideas!
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  • the one thing i would strongly consider.... we did the quilt idea for my sister's 1st baby shower. We gave the assignment of putting it together to my aunt who is very crafty and into sewing.. even with that being her strong suit, 12 years later it still is not done :(
    just food for thought.

    the ribbons for the girls sound so cute and different!
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  • i considered asking my aunt to put it together for me, but that was a concern... she lives in west palm and i'm in daytona. so it's a good 200 miles away from eachother, but she does little projects like that all the time and is very crafty and artistic as well... maybe i'll have my neighbor help me sew it...she's like my martha stewart lol...  i've always wanted to learn how to quilt anyways :)
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