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FeB Brides RSVP Counts and Issues (lol)

So I figured most of us have our invites going out, it would be fun to have a thread to see how things are rolling along.

183 invited 17 accepted 1 declined
(It was 185 but two chose not to bring a guest so I just delete those off my count)

one response came back with marks in both accept and decline...but it was his grandparents so we know it's an accept

My mail man didn't put his # just said "find me at the mailbox" but I think he meant to put accepts and checked declines...I left him a note for tomorrow

How did you do your RSVP card? I think mine are easy to follow but maybe to some not so easy as I am seeing the response..

Ceremony:_____Accepts ____Declines
Reception: ______Acccepts_____Declines

I figured that would be easy enough, However, maybe I should have put the lines BEHIND....BUT the people that did do accepts put 1 or 2 in the right line...

Keep posting as we move along :-)
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Re: FeB Brides RSVP Counts and Issues (lol)

  • Just curious... why did you do an accept or declines for your ceremony also?

    Mine went out Thursday. 326 invited! I'm sure early next week they will start coming in.

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  • We have about 340 invited (I sent a small second batch out earlier this week that I still haven't put into my spreadsheet). So far we have 72 accepts and 1 decline. 

    So far they've all come back pretty normal... we did try to make them as clear as possible, though. On each one we put "___ seats have been reserved for your party" and filled that number in ourselves. and then we had the accepts/declines with the blanks in front of them. we did have one of FI's single friends ask if the "1" meant a plus one (um, no). A couple from my mom's church had to send their reply card to my parents' address because their dog chewed up the RSVP envelope and they didn't know my address (there's a bite out of the RSVP card, too, it's pretty funny).

    I'm gonna be really sad when we go a day without getting a reply in the mail... we sent our invites out about three weeks ago, and I don't think we've gone a day yet without getting a reply in the mail! I know it's silly, but I get so excited! :)
  • Because they are separate venues you have to drive to and start a about an hour after the ceremony the most important is the reception we have enough seats included but ceremony we have to rent and pay for additional seats over 50...so instead of guessing we made accepts and declines for both. I don't want anyone to be without a seat but I also don't want to pay for a bunch of seats to be empty.
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  • Sent mine out last week......185 invited....so far we have 8 yes and 0 no. They looked like this

    ___ Will attend with pleasure
    ___ Number attending
    ___ Must decline with regret

    ___ Salmon ___ Chicken ___ Vegetarian
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  • Knocked one person off my invite list as they never gave an address and it sucks I've known her since I was 1...if she comes around in time I'll get an invite to her or word of mouth (she is not proper by any means)

    Got some more invites back my grams said all are accept and another person said kids (omfg how many!?!) Really...Just because you invite all these kids to YOUR weddings (they are related to you) I think this is the ONE thing stressing me out right now is the addition of kids. Their weddings were all casual mine is NOT
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  • Sent 90 invites in the begining of November. So far, I received 30 accepts and 9 declines.
  • Mine went out last Monday. They are taking longer than I thought to get to some people. I have only one accept and no declines.

    My family tends to be late so I don't expect much of a response until January.
  • Update 182 invited, 29 accept, 1 decline
    That does include the two children added with no permission but I deleted the +1's that people chose not to bring. (Keeps my mind at ease to do it this way so I can see what we are really waiting on to reply)

    I had my "2nd mom"  tell me our friend asked if she could bring her oldest daughter. I said "Ummm right now heck no I never met this girl and I already invited her two other kids who could eat me out of house and home"....Why do people just THINK it's OK to add additional people or ASK to bring additional people? It would make more sense to me for her to ask her eldest to babysit so SHE could have a night out wtihout the kids.
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  • Got my first uninvited "plus 1" today. Apparently, my step cousin thought it would be appropriate to invite a friend even though the invitation was only addressed to her... ugh. Unfortunately, I anticipate that her brother will do the same. So RUDE!!!
  • Now standing at 34 yes and 4 decline from 182. Waiting ever so patiently lol
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  • Invitations went out July 2, RSVPs due 7/21.  We have to guarantee 150 at reception hall. 120 are coming. Can we go back and call family members and some friends to invite their children we initially did not invite? Good manners/bad manners?
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