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Your 2/2012 wedding colors??

I think I'm going with deep red with traditional black and white. How about you all??

Re: Your 2/2012 wedding colors??

  • Oooh! That sounds pretty. I love black and red together. So classy. 

    We are using plum and champagne with a few accents of pale pink. 
  • We are thinking about red & brown. I like the colors but my FI might like something else better instead; with that being said, still in the works but a tentative yes for red & brown. 
  • We were originally planning a summer wedding, but even though we switched the season, I think we're still going to stick with the theme that we had.  I want to do a peacock/music theme with deep purple, dark blue, brown and green.
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  • Yay, I'm glad everyone isn't doing the same colors! We're just doing chocolate and light blue.
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    [QUOTE]I think I'm going with deep red with traditional black and white. How about you all??
    Posted by hkpadgett[/QUOTE]

    I'm thinking about having the same colors. I may choose black, white and another color though.
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  • We are having a peacock theme wedding with the blues and greens with Champagne and black!!! I am soo excited to see how it all turns out!

  • We are doing dark blue, champagne and chocolate
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    I love the peacock color schemes!  We were planning an aloe green and chocolate brown theme until I found a dress that changed everything around color-wise.

    I (insanely) already bought my gown, so that actually ended up helping us determine our colors. The dress is champagne with lace accents of beigy brown and burgundy red. 

    We're going to use the brown and burgundy as our colors with the maids' dresses and groomsmen's vests and ties in the brown.  Flowers will be in the burgundy (probably including burgundy callas and/or black magic roses) plus greenery.  The groom's vest and tie, the ring bearer's vest and tie, and the flower girl's dress will all be in champagne.
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  • We are doing wine, ivory, charcoal, and black!
  • Im going a little different with my colors we are doin green and yellow. my boy freind is a huge Green Bay fan and at first I was like GOD NO but i saw a beautiful bouquet in a bridal magazine and fell in love with the idea.

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  • I haven't been able to decide between blue and silver to play up the whole winter wonderland theme, or green and chocolate brown to contrast everything being so white from the snow
  • Our colors are going to be burnt orange (go Longhorns!), red and ivory.  Since dh is Indian, we are going to have an Indian themed American wedding.  
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  • Love the peacock accents! I found a lot of peacock feathers at Michaels last weekend when I was DIYing my hair fascinator
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  • We're going with various shades of blues and purples, with silver accents.  Blue is his fave color, purple is mine, and it just works for a February wedding.

    Love everyone's ideas - all sound gorgeous!
  • Hey Styner! I'm an Austin bride too!

    We will be doing our wedding on Feb 12 so being that close to Vday we will be going with a romantic theme but fun as well. it's going to be Fuschia, other pinks, splashes of red and aqua.
  • I'm doing tradition.  Black, white, Red (mainly just red roses), and silver.  We're having an evening wedding and I want deep dark colors to add to the romance of the night.  Plus I think we're doing it in a theater so that will just add to the theme of everything.
  • We're doing Slate Gray and Burgandy for our colors :)
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