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Dave and I recently got engaged (June) and have started a little planning here and there but not much yet. We just joined the knot and wanted to say hi to our fellow feb 2012 brides and grooms to be. Any tips?


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    Hi Kim and welcome :) My only tip is start planning early and you'll have nothing to worry about LOL. Ours is already planned for the most part we just have to pay for everything.

    Be sure to check out the planning BIOs in other girls' signatures too, to get an idea of things you can do for your big day as well.
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    I'm not so good with the advice... Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?
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    Hi- Congratulations! One tip I have is that your local board will be very helpful when it comes to planning the wedding. I was able to find my wedding reception venue from reading some of the posts and getting advice from girls on my local NY board.
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