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Hey am I just crazy or has anyone else registered yet... My FI and I started our BB&B Registry the other day and when we told them they date they acted like we were crazy for doing so early. I thought it would be ok because we both have a very busy summer ahead and my Bridal shower will be in October to avoid the holidays. Does everyone else think I'm nuts?

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  • FI and I actually registered last year. Due to some many requests of family members. We had our engagement party last June and they wanted to get us gifts we would actually use. BB&B agreed and was extremely helpful. We made a small registry and will go back to update and add stuff for the shower. 

    IMO, it was good because for our birthdays and Christmas we got registry items. We put 12 settings of china on our registry and right now we have 8 settings. 
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  • 6-8 months prior to the wedding is when you're supposed to start your registry - June basically.  So you are most definitely not nuts.  In fact you're making me think I need to get a move on! lol
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  • FI and I started our last month and as I walk through the store or see the ads in the paper I add things slowly inviting about 190 people (about 15-20 are kids) 33 ladies will be invited to the Bridal Shower..we only have 176 on the list (and that is counting 8 napkins or 8 napkin ring holders which would be more considered a set) LoL

    I keep an eye in case anything goes discontinued FI and I can buy for ourselves if we really love it our STDS go out in about a week and a half to out of staters and we wanted to be prepared because as soon as we announced the engagement my friend in NC was like "Are you registered or do you want money" and I would NEVER say "Um Money?" lol so I told her where we were registering and it would be done within a week or two. Having it up online now it makes it so much easier to confirm if we need to add something or change something. They were AWESOME at BBB and walked us through the whole store. We also qualified right away for a free item on the registry program
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  • We registered in February and had no problems. In fact we've already gotten 25 gifts off our registry! Its great....
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  • We registered a couple months ago, I was too excited to wait, lol
  • Thanks... I feel better now!
  • we started really early, but then had a date change and now I am going to have to redo  a lot- so my advice is don't start to early, stuff changes!!!!  

    the good thing is our wish registry (www.uponourstar.com) is more universal, so that is the least maintenance, most big ticket items and honeymoon stuff isn't changing- but dishes and stuff- yes.  So I would wait until about 6months or so before!!!!  
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