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Bridal Shower Question

So my MOH has never been a MOH and my bridesmaid is a great planner...so of course both want my input on a lot- They are torn on what month to do the Bridal Shower because December is ruled out (tooo busy for ALL people)---So as a Feb bride only thing left is Nov or Jan. Bridesmaid said: Well in Nov everyone is all tight with money for Christmas....January they are all broke...maybe gift cards they got? LOL...either way it's not a big deal to me, we would have done beginning of Feb but the MOH will be on a missions trip out of the country. Any advice? Our wedding invites will go out probably first week of Dec. (I know some rules apply to all invited to shower must be invited to wedding that will be taken care of)
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Re: Bridal Shower Question

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    I suggest they pick whatever time is good for them. If many guests will be busy over Christmas, maybe November would be good.

    Mine will be held either the first week of December or the last week of November. (I'm Canadian so Thanksgiving is long past)

    My sisters who are the BM are hosting and this was the best time for them. They have too much to do before Christmas and would prefer to get it done earlier rather than wait until January. They felt that January is kind of a restful time where everyone is so  tired from Christmas and entertaining so they want to relax.

    I already decided to send out my wedding invitations the first week of November after much back and forth over dates. I want everything sent before Christmas cards go out so nothing is overlooked or misplaced.(no one thinks it's just another Christmas card and forgets to open it)  I am only having about 100 people and they are all close family.

    I am sending save the dates in June/July jsut to make sure everyone is aware that things are moving along. They have been expecting this for a while.
  • Yea, my STD's are going out in about 3 weeks if the order comes in correct: Had photos today, get the disc in 1-2 days and put the order in. A lot of out of staters from both sides...Not sure on invite ship date yet, was thinking 1st week of Dec but you have me thinking now about the holiday card thing!
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  • My shower is in November... Feb wedding def makes pre parties difficult, but people will make it ot them !
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  • Thanks ladies, I didnt want my MOH to freak if she is in Haiti in January as normal..and do the bachelorette once she gets back in Feb...just wanted to make sure it was not in poor taste to do it this way.
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  • I'd like my shower in January... however i'm a LATE feb bride so it'll be ok timing for us.
    I personally would do after christmas... my mom and sister mentioned doing a dec shower for me... not to be picky or 8itchy.. but i'll have a few week old baby and it's WAY too close to christmas.
    However, i wouldn't be upset to be invited to a dec shower, but i also do have a christmas party every weekend like some people either though.
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  • We are doing mine earlier than normal... Since my BM's are all over the place, we needed a long weekend when everyone could make the trip to South FL... We are doing it labor day weekend (1st weekend in Sept)... plus having it early kinda helps to offset costs between shower/bach party/& wedding!!
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