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February 2012 Weddings

3 day mark and I quit lol

Been up since 8am and all over two cities for over 12hrs..played musical cars because one car was best for hauling stuff from Sams the other for hauling chairs....

Got a call that we MIGHT be surprised by 3 or 4 people driving down from ohio that never RSVPd...leading me to tell my host to have extra place settings READY but not assigned to any table and letting him know WHERE they could fit if needed.

Then get a call that FI's Uncle and Aunt are not going to come because of a damn arguement from 2004 with his brother who is the groomsman....wtf they won't even have to talk!??!

Also NO ONE has spoken to the loopy Aunt (his) who was a brat after the bridal shower....she was nasty to family about other stuff and it's been nearly two weeks since anyone talked to her so who knows what will happen with that....

and if ONE MORE person calls me today asking the TIME for rehearsal or dinner that NO ONE rsvpd to....for tomorrow...I will snap..I sent beautiful invites AND directions AND times...lol

Is it Monday yet? I need a vacation
Nichole Tampa, FL BabyFetus Ticker

Re: 3 day mark and I quit lol

  • Breathe..it will all fall into place.  Last minute -like the day before I had 8 cancelations! After everything was already paid for! But what can you do..have someone answer your phone for you to cut some of the stress but remember..dont sweat the small  stuff...none of it matters in the end!  It all goes by so fast..have FUN!Wink
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