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Florist Questions!

I am planning my Feb. 25 wedding rather quickly (we didn't book the church or reception hall until November!) and from three hours away (getting married in the church/town I grew up in when I have since moved).  When I go home for Christmas (I'm a teacher, so I'm off for 2 weeks-totally dedicated to wedding planning!) I'm supposed to meet with the florists to tell them what I want.

We want red roses, but that's about all we've decided. I know that I want each bridesmaid to carry a single, long-stemmed rose with a black ribbon tied in a bow (we're having a black-and-white wedding with red accents) and I want a bouquet of red roses with tiny pearls in the center.  My mom said that I need at least one, if not two, flower arrangements for the front of the church (which we can then move to the reception).  My FI and his groomsmen will each have a red rose bout.  

What do I need to do about corsages for my mom, FMIL, and grandmothers? Are there any other flowers I am forgetting? We're doing candles for reception centerpieces and ribbons as pew decorations.

Re: Florist Questions!

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    They will tell you everything. They have a list to go thru usually and you can decide if you want all the extra stuff they offer or not. What wil your flower girl (if you have one) be using... fake or real flowers?
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  • My flower girls will be carrying either silk petals or confetti because the church won't allow real petals.

    I'm glad they have a list! My FI's parents and my parents had courthouse weddings, so noone knows that to do!
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