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Got my dress! (and it may look similar to what another Feb knottie posted...)

Adventures in dress shopping was something I dreaded, and I thought this was going to be an all-day process. When I called to make my appointment at David's in OKC, I told them to give me their best salesperson, especially after my last experience at the one here in Dallas where I had someone who didn't speak English and didn't understand how to do measurements.

I had the sweetest lady ever who took wonderful care of us, and had patience with me trying ot describe what I was looking for. I came with 8 dresses on my list, and stopped at the third one because it was the one. We ended up buying my dress and walking out with it along with my veil. My sister's BM dress and my mom's dress were also ordered. Three big checks WOOHOO!

So without further ado, here are the three I tried on. Pardon my facial expressions, I was caught off guard by my sister each time she snapped pics.

The first one felt like a very heavy sheet when I wore it, and I didn't think I'd be able to move at all during the wedding. Although, looking at this pic I am starting to love my figure (ha!)

The second dress I had my heart set on based on looking online, but when I tried it on, it didn't fit right and it was the largest size they had. My saleslady told me they had discontinued it as well. Although, this allowed her to get a better idea of what I did like.

While we were busy screwing around with Dress #2, two more dresses were brought to me and I took a look and said "this is the one I want to try on." I put it on and came out and my mom started misting up. It felt right just seeing that look on her face (and the gasp from my cousin's mouth.) The one I have in the pic is a size bigger than what we left with, but it felt absolutely perfect. I can move easily and will be able to dance without feeling weighed down and that's what I'm going for. We went to my grandpa's last night and were looking through old pictures and came across the picture from the day he and my grandma got married, and this looks so similar to it.

The feather fascinator is mine that I got in New Orleans, and we bought the blusher there. We had to order my sash in Marine (navy) and I think I may go order those shoes I'm wearing in a hot pink. Oh and the bolero comes off so I think I will wear it for the ceremony and pics then take it off.
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Re: Got my dress! (and it may look similar to what another Feb knottie posted...)

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