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dont know what to do!!

i am having a wedding in february the colors will be camo and orange i just dont know how to do any of the color scheme besides that if i do browns,reds,oranges,and yellows it seems like a fall wedding..i need some help with the ideas what should i do?

Re: dont know what to do!!

  • Hi there!  I make faux fur wraps and muffs in my Etsy shop, and I could do faux fur muffs with a camo or orange lining :)  It would help keep the bridesmaids hands warm for pictures, and also be a cute little touch of your colors.  :)http://www.etsy.com/shop/DesignsbyKandL?ref=si_shop
  • Word of advice for winter and using camo. However, it's your wedding and you can use whatever color you like. But just speaking from experience and seeing how colors work with photos. Use solid colors that compliment the camoflage print or it will get overwhelming. Use rust, orange, browns, and olives to compliment the camo. Accent with citrus colors: Lemon yellow, lime green. Plan the color palette so that the camo is a backdrop and colors set it off.

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