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Closer than we think

Do any of you  feel like your being pushed aside by vendors just because the wedding is in 14 months?  It kills me when they all say you have plenty of time but I feel like I dont.  Anyone feeling like that?
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Re: Closer than we think

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    The only vendor i've contacted so far is the reception site. As long as we have the big vendors booked, we should be ok. I agree with you though that especially in NY (busy cities), most vendors should be booked ahead of time.
    Where are you getting married?
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    I know what you mean.  I contacted a venue and the lady said "well someone is on the ball".  It was almost like she was mocking me.  Other than that I haven't really contacted anyone.  I'm kind of slacking a bit.
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    at this point I have the venue (old tappan Manor in NJ), my dress (love at first sight and everything i ever dreamed of) and a date.  I am trying to get the major things down so that I just have to pay for it way in advance...
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    Nope, all of my vendors have been fantastic. I actually locked in better rates with booking early.
    My photog is doubling her prices effective 1/1/11. I get 2010 pricing in 2012 with me committing so soon.
    My DJ usually emcees a murder myster dinner the weekend that my wedding is on and said I just snatched that from the group that books her, but she has back up DJs to handle the dinner.
    As far as my venue - it's a historic hotel downtown and since my wedding is the weekend before Valentine's, their coordinator was more than open to me booking early to get low room rates.
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