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2 Months to go!

How's everyone's wedding planning going? Can you believe our weddings are right around the corner?
We still have some things to take care of, like choosing the tuxes, dress alterations, booking a limo, etc. How are you all doing?
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Re: 2 Months to go!

  • We're down to little things... finishing up favors and seating charts/place cards once invitation RSVPs are done. Time is flying now! :)
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  • We are down to the little things also....FI was fitted for tux yesterday :) I have my final dress fitting next week and we are meeting with the wedding coordinator this week to finalize some plans. The next few weeks should fly by! I'm ready for the day to come and to then be on my honeymoon relaxing on the beach :)
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  • I still have LOTS to do but I'm not stressed over it. I am just going to do the things most important to me - DJ, Food, Drinks, Flowers and Ceremony. (music and officiant) All the other things will either be done when I have time or just forgotten. I refuse to start stressing and getting all anxious.

    To be honest I am anxious enough at having to walk down the aisle. I am terrified and although I will do it, (or I"ll always regret it) I am not looking forward to it. I will walk alone so I am trying to prepare for that.

    I just want to enjoy the time leading up and have a great time on the day of. (I am ready for things to go wrong and I am ready to move on)
  • I can't believe how fast our month is coming! I have to do tuxes, book the limo, alterations and then just little stuff. I'm a little overwhelmed right now with all the holidays going on but I think I'll relax a little after I'm done with all of that. So exciting!
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  • Congrats to all of us for getting this far!  My wedding is in 49 days.  That seems impossible.  I don't have alot to do as I am eloping but the waiting can be unbearable sometimes!  I can't wait to get to Hawaii, do the final prep and relax before I marry my best friend!
  • Ohh I can't wait for the honeymoon as well! To just relax on a beach and do nothing after 2 1/2 years of planning and working and going to school. I may never come back lol.
    Blush, i'm with you- trying not to get nervous. Just focus on your groom as you're walking down the aisle and i'm sure the walk will be quick =)
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  • I'm wondering what anxiety meds I should be on LOL....Every darn thing makes me cry happy tears: hallmark movies check. Reading a nice story about strangers paying off lay away toy bills check....I need something to calm me down haha.

    I am more irritated that rsvps are not coming back faster...only received like 40ish out of 185! We put a stamp on it, don't be a jerk: If you are not coming CHECK DECLINE.

    That is my biggest thing as I am worried we will have to call all those people. We need to order the cake, put the rental order in for the guys, I am waiting on two more dresses for ladies, one should arrive next week, one a week later...three of the girls can start alterations with my grandmother after the new year the fourth my grandmother has to do in under 48hrs when she flies in..

    I need to measure my FG and get the fabric so her dress can be made. Pick flowers for bouquets and corsages and bouts. Finish gluing centerpieces, and do my hair trial.

    I have a few more gifts to pick up for the bridal party and that should sum it up.
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  • ShakeUp- I am with you on the crying ALL THE TIME. No matter what it is....i always get all mushy and cry....I'm sure I will be balling during the ceremony. I'm just going to make sure FI has lots of tissues in his pocket.
    I'm also very irritated about the RSVP's.....we invited 180 as well and have only had 41 Yes" and 15 "no".......why the H are people not sending them back?!?!?!?! So annoying......
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  • Someone else's pic is showing up as me?!?!?!?!? What is going on with The Knot????
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  • I am in the same boat as most of you just little details. The only thing stressing me out right now is flowers. My moms friends are florists and they are supposedly doing all the corsages and bouquets, but they can't be bothered to respond to emails or phone calls. At this point I am trying hard not to stress about it until after the holidays. Other than that, just waiting for RSVP's, may need to expand the hotel room block, and need to pick ceremony music and write vows! So exciting!!
  • We're down to the nitty gritty. Hotel and honeymoon are booked. All will be paid off next month. Cake is ordered. I get to pick up my dress January 18th. My daughter is scheduled for her dress fitting next week. Both his ring and my ring are ready to go. I will be ordering my flowers next month.

    Fiance still needs to get shoes. And I need to get shoes for my daughter.

    The last of the things to really decide on are vows and music. I need to get the final head count in to pay off the reception. Things are golden.

    And the days are flying by.
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  • Sounds like we are in exactly the same spot as you.  Been putting off the last minute stuff for our Xmas break off work.  Oh and we still need to find a reasonable officiant that will do a handfasting... Sealed
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  • We still have to get our decorations solidified and figure out our cake thing (if we're getting one, if we're doing cupcakes, if we're skipping it). That's two HUGE things not to have figured out this close to the wedding, but I'm hoping we will finalize more things next week while my fiance is off work.

    I'm getting sooooo excited! We're only 50 days away!

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  • Organizing music for the DJ has been a major and stressful thing for me. My fiance and I come from two very different places music wise (except we both love 80's music although many of the older guests will need to hear other stuff). So, we are putting together a list of exact songs for the DJ which is time consuming and tough, but we don't trust the DJ to be able to magically know what we would both agree on. And we also need to make a mix for our second reception for friends back home a week after the wedding.

    Aside from that, need to order the tuxes, order favors, order escort cards (which is hard to do without many of the rsvp cards back), decide if we want programs (and if so, make them and print them), put together welcome bags, vows, have my ring sized...it feels like a lot. But, just taking it one step at a time!
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