February 2012 Weddings

wedding CRISIS!!!

i am so close to calling off the wedding to elope at the court house, im so frustrated, in a weeks time i had 3 Bms and my MOH drop out on me, the MOH had military duties (understandable) the others have various reasons, but my point is i feel like im going crazy i should have had sooo much done by now, and i feel like all im doing is thumbing through some magazines and writing down ideas. and idk what to do about all of this </3 it literally is making me on edge.

my wedding is suppose to take place in my FMIL's backyard (which is GORGEOUS) but we started adding it all up and it might be cheaper to do it another way i mean im trying to keep it simple but not disappoint myself at the same time cuz i mean im only getting married once. so i dont wanna mess things up i feel like this so called "wedding bliss" is turning into HELL. i need some input pleaseCry
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