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Winter Storm

OK It's snowing really hard in NY and we have about two feet of snow. I know this is crazy, but I keep thinking about any brides and grooms out there who have their wedding planned for today.
Is anyone else nervous about having a winter wedding? I mean, snow would be nice and beautiful but a storm is something i'd like to avoid!
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Re: Winter Storm

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    Yea I'm stuck in the NY Storm and it makes me hope that it doesnt happen on my wedding day :/
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    We just missed that big storm here in PA.  I am worried about the weather for our wedding.  I want snow on the ground and maybe a snow shower on the wedding day, but I'm afraid of like a major blizzard!  I'm also worried about wind.  All I keep thinking is "my hair will get windblown!!" haha. 
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    I'm not too worried, considering Dallas sees that stuff close to never. We had it this past Feb, so I think we won't be due for another biggie for about 5 years.
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    I am terrified of that happening on my wedding day. It`s enough to make me change my date from February 18 to sometime in April since I haven`t booked anything yet. I live in Canada and the last thing I want is guests not showing up because of a blizzard.

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