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February 2012 Weddings

Siggy Switch Over Poll

Lets get an idea of what everyone thinks...

How often do you want us to change the siggy challange? once a week, every two weeks, three weeks, month, or long?

Who would you want to be in charge of the siggy challang? should we have one person every month? or should we do a poll each month to see who is nominated to pick the siggy challange?
(example- my local board does a "kottie of the week", the moderator over sees this- however we dont have one- BOO!- everyone who would like to participate in the KOTW would submit their name and from there the moderator chooses who to put up) I was thinking we'll do a poll to see who'd like to be in charge of it, do a poll to see who "wins" for that period and go from there.
Other suggestions are welcomed :)
~*~ Sorry for any typo's. Replying from an Android device. ~*~

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