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February 2012 Weddings

When do you plan to start dress shopping??

i'm asking you girls instead of my local because being same month it relates more to us.
When do you plan to start looking for your dress?
Do you already have it?
If you're already looking, would you buy it a year out?

recently on my local nest board they were asking when people bought their dress/how far out, etc. LOTS of girls were 15-12 months out!!!! That seems SO soon to me :-/ My close friend also recommended shopping soon as it could take anywhere from 6-9 months for your dress to come in.....

My Fi and I are typically play it by ear people. we don't plan a whole lot and never plan anything so far in advance. But obviously our wedding would be different. but i'm explaining that because this is sorta out of our comfort zone, ya know?

So what's your plans on dress shopping?!
~*~ Sorry for any typo's. Replying from an Android device. ~*~

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