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February 2012 Weddings

Fat fingers...

So yesterday I am at work and I send one of my students to the printer to get something and as I stand back up and walk away she walks right into me and sends me tumbling backwards to the ground. Oh the pain.....can't move my middle and ring finger on my left hand. Whacked my back and head on a table. So now I am 9 days before the wedding, finger in a splint and can not bend it or straighten it. My left hand and knuckle are
very swollen and can't get anything over it....Cry

Re: Fat fingers...

  • Oh no!!!!!  Be sure you're icing it! Ice 20 minutes, no ice 20 minutes...alternate, it takes the swelling down.  Hope it feels better soon!!!
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    Ohhhhh. I'm so sorry. You know, my uncle went skiing before his wedding -- broke his whole left arm and wrist -- everything was in a cast... He wore the ring on the right hand and does 'til this day. SVery sweet, very special. Not saying you will have to, but if you do, you've got your own unique story to add to all the other unique stories the two of you will have in your lives together.
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  • That's terrible! Hope they feel better fast!
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  • I hope you get well soon! It is just one more story to add to your wedding planning experience!
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