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Anyone Else Getting Married 02/2012?

Hi everyone! I don't see many February 2012 members so far, so hopefully we can all help each other out! :) My fiance and I finally picked our wedding date for February 4, 2012. I am so excited! I thought it would be too early to start planning but all my friends and family who are already married said time would fly by too fast and that a year and 6 months is just the right time to plan a wedding. Anyone else feel the same way? I would love to hear details and ideas about everyone else's February 2012 weddings!

Re: Anyone Else Getting Married 02/2012?

  • Welcome to the board!  My FI and I are planning a February 11, 2012 wedding. We've been engaged for about a year now so I have TONS of ideas. I can't believe that a year has gone past already. It makes me stressed to think about how fast this next 1.5 years is going to go. haha. I don't have anything set in stone. I think we are going to go venue hunting in the next few weeks/months. I have an itch to go dress shopping too. I've restrained myself for the past year, but now its getting harder. haha. 
  • Hey, my date is February 19th 2012. We just signed a contract with our reception venue yesterday!! We all definitely have time to sign contracts and shop around for reception venues but places around here get booked pretty quick. I think a year and a half is actually a perfect amount of time to start planning a wedding, I would just wait to buy a dress. I hear many brides change their minds after time passes.
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  • My FI and I are set the date for Feb 10th, 2012! We've been engaged for a year and a half so this year and a half will fly by! It's the perfect amount of time to plan. I'd be too stressed if it was next year exactly. We've started looking at places and trying to find a perfect fit but nothing is set in stone yet. It also gives us time to get money together without stressing about it. I've thought of lots of different color themes but I keep changing my mind! I love red for a winter wedding, but I'd also like soft natural colors like brown and black. Any ideas for colors or flowers? I like the idea of roses since it's so close to Valentine's Day. 

    Anybody know of good places to honeymoon during that time??? 
  • Surprisingly, I never even considered Hawaii!  I'll have to look! Thanks :)

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    FI and I are planning to go to Disney on our honeymoon. We are both Disney fanatics and its warm in Florida so it sounds perfect to us!
  • Disney sounds awesome! We looked into Disney; it's not completely out of the picture. My FI realllllly wants to go! Tongue out
  • We have decided to get married on Feb 25,2012.
  • We also decided on Feb. 25, 2012!
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  • We're also a February 25th wedding! I really haven't started planning, but I have a huge binder filled with ideas. =)

    If I may offer up a little advice... Have you ladies been to DisneyWorld before?? As an employee of TWDC and Disney fanatic as well, I would recommend doing a lot of research before booking the trip. WDW is huge and can be very overwhelming and somewhat, frustrating- especially when you get there, so plan everything 3-4 months beforehand--dinner reservations at Epcot, The Grand Floridian is more geared towards just couples, purchasing parkhopper passes beforehand, etc. 

    Hope that helps with your decision. 

  • DO you have toasting glasses yet?  FOR SALE!!!!
  • hahaha we are a Feb. 25th 2012 as well, it must be a popular date! What is everyone doing for colors? I know it's the month of VDAY but I really do not want the usually red/pink colors and I cannot make up my mind!
  • We are feb. 15th 2012. We are planning small things, nothing set in stone yet, but it does take a year or more to plan a perfect wedding. <3 and for wedding colours we have decided on light blue and silver. Very winter! 
  • Yes I am getting married 2.4.12 and it seems like FOREVER!
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  • Whoa that's crazy we also decided on Feb. 25th, 2012. We're also considering orlando/disney for our honeymoon.
  • Wow lots of 2/25 on here. We are 2/11/12
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    [QUOTE]Wow lots of 2/25 on here. We are 2/11/12
    Posted by FebDallasBride[/QUOTE]

    <div>Yeah, there are. We were thinking the 25th, but then realized that my mom's birthday is a few days later and I don't want to be on my honeymoon on her birthday.   Then we moved to the 11th, but just recently switched to the 4th. So February 4th it is!</div>
  • We are Feb. 18, 2012.  So far we have signed a contract for our venue (at a hotel, so ceremony and reception will be all in the same place) and for our rehearsal dinner.  And last night we locked down our officiant (a family friend, which I am really excited about because I think it will add a nice special touch).  We have our hotel room block and got a great rate, and the hotel told us it was because we booked so far in advance.  Also, where I live it's really hard to plan a wedding in under a year - there are just too many other events/weddings going on that are booked well in advance.  Nothing else is set in stone, but we want blues and purples with silver accents as our colors, we want to go to Japan and Thailand on our Honeymoon (that will be our wedding registry - we already live together so have most of the "stuff" we could want), and we want to have a very causal open house type brunch at our house the next morning.

    Congrats to all you February brides!  My guess is that you are mostly semi-recently engaged like me (and if not, congrats anyway).
  • Congrats to all of you.  We have decided on 2/19/2012.  Not sure where we are honeymooning.  We decided some place warm.  I want to go to Cancun.  My color scheme is orange.  We are pricing locations and caterers.  Ive noticed that the earlier you book the cheaper things are.  For those marrying closer to Valentine's Day, that could be very helpful especially since vendors tend to raise their prices.

    Good luck in your planning.
  • We are also getting married on Leap Year (2/29/2012). We're signing the papers that day, and having the ceremony and reception a few days later. We figured we would rather do something BIG every 4 years (we've been together 7 & 1/2 years so far). Everyone who knows us thinks its quirky and perfect for us! =]
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